Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tea Review: Octavia Wild Raspberry

Octavia Tea: Wild Raspberry Black Tea

And a New Tea Infuser

Hot or Iced? BOTH

Lanie, Melody, both

Hey, Lanie?
What's this?
Our new tea infuser.
Sure. See.
Um...Aren't the holes a bit small.
One way to find out - let's brew some tea...which one?
How about Octavia Wild Raspberry?
That sounds great. I bet it's good hot and iced.
There, I put some tea in the infuser.
Now, just balance it on the cup...add hot water...
Wow! The holes aren't too small. It's brewing right away! So now we Elsa it.
Elsa it?
Yeah, let it go.
After 5 minutes...
Looks great!
Smells wonderful!
Very tasty. 
I think it needs some agave or honey. Not a lot though, just a touch.
Now that we've tasted it hot, let's add the ice.
Won't that be refreshing?

Xyra's Review

Wild Raspberry is one of Octavia Tea's black tea blends with hibiscus, raspberry, and strawberry. It's fruity and lovely. We brewed this on the strong side knowing it would be iced at the end. A little less tea in the brewing and it would be perfect unsweetened. Strong as it is, it does need a bit of honey or agave. I did not have much of the hot tea, but iced...YUM! The berry shines through nicely and is very refreshing. The colder the better.

Do you drink iced tea? 
If yes, do you like it sweet or unsweetened? 
Do you like plain or with and hint of fruit flavor?

Best wishes,

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