Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sauntering the Garden

Walking in Style

"It's not going to rain." ~Marianne Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility

Grace, Melody, both

At least in our case, that is quite true. It did not rain and was a beautiful day.

Shall we take a turn through the gardens.
Yes, lets.

Such lovely colors.
And the fresh air.

I think I need a rest.
What luck! A seat for you.

I bring a branch.

So green and lovely.

It is your turn to rest.

Oh, this is a nice chair.
I'll fan you with the branch. (giggles)

We should go back.
Yes, the others will worry.

It's fun to dress in period dress from time to time.
A lot of people will mention they were born in the wrong time or wished they were. It is an interesting thought.
Yes, then we get a 99 degree, super humid, real feel of 105+ day and I think of being able to slip on shorts and a tank top or a bathing suit and running through the sprinkler to cool off. Couldn't do that before the 1930s. Before then "bathing costumes" were wool and had long skirts.The other points that keep me solidly in this era: showers, shampoo, and flushing toilets.
Don't forget electric lights! (laughing)

Is there a style era you like? What is it: Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian, Regency, flapper, revolutionary, modern, etc.?
What's your favorite photo from our stroll? 

Best wishes!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wandering the Realm

Exploring New Spaces

Kaya, Lanie, both

Which way should we go?
Look. Over there. Are those flamingos?
(giggles) Too cute! Nana Kestrel would love this! 
Let's follow the flamingos around I think I see some flowers on the other side.
[birds singing, grass rustling, leaves swaying]
I was right! Roses!

Careful of the thorns.
*tut* They smell wonderful.
And lovely color.
Hey, where'd you go?
Over here. I found a happy little bird statue.

What a view!?
What do you see?
and a fountain.
(You might have to enlarge this one to see the fountain, but it's there!)
Be right there!

Do you have a favorite place to explore during the summer? Is it like this? What is your favorite scene from above?

So glad you stopped! See you again soon!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Coolspring June 2017 Day 4


The last day of the June expo was GORGEOUS! 
We had another super yummy breakfast from Villella's meats. Many field exhibitors and most of the flea market people left Friday night, but a lot of people were still coming in. Hey, engines were running in the buildings AND they were still making ice cream! What more do you need?

How about a quilt show?

The Coolspring Presbyterian Church 
hosted a quilt show that was open from 11 am to 2 pm. 
This is how it worked. If you just wanted to look, FREE! If you wanted to look and vote for your favorites, for every dollar you contributed you got three vote tickets. So if you donated $5 you could vote 15 times. The quilts with the most votes would get ribbons for first, second, and third place. Then there was the raffle quilt. It was beautiful with yellow and white and grey. I think it had two pillow shams too. Each raffle chance was $5. 

The church was draped in quilts! I think there were about 30 in all. All sorts represented.

Machine Quilted
Hand Quilted
This one had all our favorite colors in it.
So did this one.
This one had an interesting design.
A woman brought in this one as we were leaving. 
The ladies were talking about how it took "two summers on the porch" to finish and how each piece was "fussy cut." (giggles) She has it as a wall hanging.

It was tough to choose. Of those pictured, which would you choose as your first second, and third place?

My true favorite was at home. My very own quilt from Lady Grey! Beautiful and perfect in all weather.

After the quilt show I walked back through the Power Tech BuildingThis vertical engine was running.
So was the Hornsby-Ackroyd.
Darn, that time I looked the wrong way. (giggles)

The K-Berg is a popular engine. 
Unfortunately it's not working right now. The water jacket still being repaired.

Just before dinner I took a look at the field. 
A LOT different than when we arrived.

That's it for my Coolspring June Expo Trip. We were so busy packing up the very last day we didn't take any pictures. Hope you enjoyed my trip. 

Don't forget to tell us your favorite quilts from those pictured.

Tchau! Até mais tarde!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Coolspring June 2017 Day 3

Busy Morning, Fun Evening

Day three dawned slightly overcast then bright after a night of storms. Our tent kept us dry. Well, almost. It turns out, since we had to shift set up, Xyra says we weren't completely on the high ground. Franz's clothes got a little damp, but a friend let us use her dryer. 

While his clothes were drying, we moved the tend over to the normal spot. A little closer to our tenting neighbor, but Xyra says "dryness first." After that I stayed by the tent in the shade reading.

Later, Xyra and I took the jeep up to the community center to get spaghetti dinner take out! 

They were really nice people. They sold out too! Gotta get there early.

After dinner, we headed down to Sudlow Station and Franz started up the Parmaco. 
It's dark in there! I love the gas lights and the rhythm of the engine and pump.
Almost too nice. Between that and the flickering light it is very easy to fall asleep.

So after a while we headed up the hill to the Snow.

600 horsepower or hp, and I don't mean Harry Potter, in motion! See how big that is!? Wow!

That's all for day three. Glad you stopped by today. I hope you come back again tomorrow. I have a surprise for all our crafty and needle skilled friends and followers. (giggles)

Tchau! Até mais tarde!