Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Build: June 2017 +

Happy Birthday, Kirsten!

Hi! Yep, it's my birthday! Woo hoo! So I get to show off our Lego calendar this month. PLUS I get to tell you about two new outfits.

AG Color-Block Dress Outfit

If you shopped May's sale at American Girl, you might have seen the Color-Block Dress. It was originally released as a purchase with purchase earlier in the year. But last month was available for $10! 
The dress has a purple skirt and bodice in two shades of aqua. The outfit also comes with grey, capri length leggings that sparkle! Cue the sleigh bells! (giggles) And an aqua braided headband. Check it out the ego tag on the headband isn't super HUGE! (giggles)

Birthday Shoot

Since it's my birthday, I get to wear it first! Yay! I don't need the headband, so I left that out. It's only in the 70s today so I found the little lavender shrug from the OG Wearever and Ever outfit and the shoes from the OG Cat's Meow outfit. How do I look?

Second Outfit

This one isn't for us, but the minis! It's the Pleasantly Polka Dotted LORI outfit. 
I tried it on Madeline and think she looks great! Everything fits nicely.
PJ top and bottom, slippers, eye mask, and blanket. Here's a closer look.
No gaps from the back either!

And now....drum roll please! (giggles)


Since it's National Adopt a Cat Month we decided to use Emma's Photo Studio and have the friends like up with their pets for portraits.
Emma is at the camera. Olivia waits as Chico gets his picture taken.
Then Stephanie is there with her hedgehog, Mia with her black cat, and Andrea with her husky.
Another cat wandered into the site and a bird (violet) decided to perch above the lights.
Isn't it cute? We may add a few more cats, what do you think?

Mine birthday has been a real blast! Thank you for sharing it with me!

Have a great day, everyone! 


  1. Happy Birthday Kirsten! Your outfit and doll jammies are really groovy!

  2. This one is so cute! Love the pet photo idea.

    1. Thank you. Can't take all the credit on that one - Lego Friends made it easy.

  3. Oh, and Happy Birthday! (the dog was pestering me and I hit Publish before I wanted to...)

    1. Thank you! We understand those nudges!