Monday, August 16, 2021

Catch Up Time

Time Flies!

Almost a month since our last post.  We hope, if you are on Facebook, you are following our Facebook page as well.  You get a few teaser photos and some fun shares other tea related Facebook pages.

Bev finally met Ladies Vanyer and Webby in July.  Here is her report as she told Pen.

Let's Go Out and About

Hey!  Tell me all about your outing with Lady Vanyer and Lady Webby.
Sure.  Oh, my goodness, we had fun!  Better have a seat.

Of course!

So first we met up at Zoe's Kitchen for lunch.  The avocado smash is outstanding.
There were presents!
And the limeade was really good!
Oooo!  Did you stay there?

No, we walked over to Sublime Cupcakes for dessert.
I know, right!?  Nothing better than a cupcake.
What flavor did you get?
I got the chocolate dipped strawberry.

Ooo, that sounds tasty!
It was. Moist chocolate cake.  Super tasty strawberry icing. We took our cupcakes back to the patio seating outside Zoe's Kitchen to eat and visit there.

Then what happened.
Well, Lady Vanyer declared she needed caffeine and we went looking for coffee or something like it.

And did you find some?
Yes, we headed over to Duck Donuts.

Cool.  I've never been there.
Yeah!  Lady Vanyer had a salted caramel mocha.
That sounds yummy. 
Lady Webby and Xyra ordered milkshakes.  Xyra's was blueberry made with chocolate ice cream.  Boy, oh, boy, was that yummy!
Sounds outstanding!
What happened then?

Well, Xyra had thought about ordering some donuts to take home, but it started to get busy and we realized it was almost 6 PM.
Yeah, we walked back to the cars and said good bye.  They are a lot of fun!  
Yes, definitely.  They are looking forward to getting together more often in person.
Hey, let's go inside.
Yeah.  It's getting hot.

I like your new outfit.  Gigi looks nice in hers too!  You match.
Maybe you and Jaz can borrow them sometime.

Thank you for stopping by!  We're glad you could join us today.  Stay safe and well.