Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Independence Day 2020!

Happy 244th Birthday United States of America

Happy July 4!

For all our family and friends in the US we wish you a safe and Happy Independence Day!
For our country, if you could blow our the candles and make a wish...please make a good one!
But don't tell us so it will come true.
For our family and friends from other countries, we wish you a safe and happy July 4!
Of course, if it is already July 5 where you are...
Hope you had a great day on the fourth!
Keep your pups inside and safe tonight.
Your kitties too!

Can you guess what song is on the radio by Lanie and Kirsten?

Much love and best wishes!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

We Interrupt Our Weekly Updates

With Who Wears it Best Wednesday

Formerly Known as Twinning Tuesday

So at my birthday picnic two set of "twins" attended. Flo picked out one set, Grace and Peni! Lanie and Lea was the other. Check out their photo shoots.

Grace and Peni

Both are wearing Kirsten's baking outfit minus the "wooden" shoes.

Lanie and Lea

Here the girls chose Addy's summer plaid. They did wear the boots.

So who wore each outfit best? Or which is your favorite pair?

Thank you for stopping by!  Much love to all!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Weekly Update #6

Kirsten's Birthday

An Historic Event 😄

Whatcha doin'?
Sitting and watching the sunset. What's up?
I, we have an idea for Kirsten's birthday.
Cool. spill.
I'm sitting.
So we think we should to an historic picnic.
That is a great idea. 
Oh, yes! 
That is lovely.
Hey, before it gets too dark we need a trip to the magic wardrobe.
Let's go!
What's the magic wardrobe?
It's a place we look for ideas when we want to go back in time. (giggles)
I think we have enough outfits.
Well, Addy is close; the styles for girls did not change that much.
What's happening?
Searching the wardrobe for what to wear to Kirsten's birthday picnic.
Cool. Hey, I'll go as Singing Bird.
Are you sure?
Um, yeah.
Then we have one extra pioneer outfit.
[Time passes as everyone gets dressed and sets up the picnic.]
Hey, what's going on here?!
Wow! This is great!
Quick, go change!
I'll be right back!
[Runs into the house to change into and hurries back]
Princess gets the throne!
Okay, I can't sit anymore.  How did anyone sit for visitations in these hoops?!
To my sister, I wish you nothing but the best on your birthday!

Hear, hear!
(side note: we know huzzah is not 1800s speak, but we like it.)

The Week in Days

  • June 8:    Kirsten's birthday and National Best Friends Day
  • June 9:    Donald Duck Day and World Pet Memorial Day
  • June 10:  National Iced Tea Day
  • June 11:  King Kamehameha Day
  • June 12:  National Loving Day
  • June 13:  World Doll Day
  • June 14:  Flag Day

Did you spot the twins?  Which girls were dressed alike?

Sending love and warm wishes to all!