Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Advent 2020 8 - 16

Preparing Continues

Hey, Kirsten why are you wearing your St Lucia wreath?

Well, mainly because we didn't get to do a Happy Birthday, Gramma Enne post this year and her birthday is the same day so when she checks in she'll see it and know I was thinking of her. 
Oh, that's fun! She definitely will.

Plus it's kind of like the Advent wreath many people used to countdown to Christmas.

You know, this is a fun calendar this year.  I'm loving all the builds.
Yeah they're challenging.  We've added quite a few!
The time flies by. We still have packages to ship and we were done shopping early this year.
And we haven't started cards yet!
We have a few days.  Anyway, what's new?
The couch with the golden egg, a table with a drink, Ron, the fireplace, a window with a jar on it, a large Christmas tree, a window with a chocolate frog, Pavarti, and two small Christmas trees.

Oh, look! The windows hook to the fireplace.  I've made a "common room" scene.

I put these three in dance class. (giggles)

Hope you are having a great Advent!  Happy Belated Birthday, Gramma Enne!

Do you have any preparation traditions?  Which are your favorite?

Have a nice day! Stay safe and well!