Monday, September 23, 2019

Model Monday: Kaya #6

First Day of Fall?

Hi! Kaya here. Kirsten is trying to pick the photos for her last vacation report, so I thought I'd jump in quickly with a great new outfit. It's funny, the colors are summer, but long pants and long sleeves are fall or winter. Today is the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox, and it's waaaayyyyy too hot for long pants and long sleeves. (giggles) Oh, well. 

Photo Shoot

So which pose is your favorite?

Background & Review

  • Xyra found this at Rough & Tumble during the 71st Annual Thresherman's Reunion. She thought it was made by the Mennonite teen running the table, but then she found the Sophia's tag in the shirt. Talk about bummed. however, given the price she paid, it's okay. Much less than retail, but surely more than wholesale.
  • Love the plaid shirt. I wish it has working buttons. On the bright side, the Velcro is cut small for each button, not a big huge strip. Plus it will work in all four seasons!
  • Adore the pants! Summery, distressed. Real pockets! Perfect for cool summer nights out. You do need to be aware of your foundation garments...colored panties will show through.


Blouse: My Doll's Life by Sophia's
Tank: AG Doll Tees kit (AG has a new format for this craft kit)
Pants: My Doll's Life by Sophia's
Shoes: AG Luciana's Stellar Outfit (retired)

So happy you stopped! See you again soon!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Kirsten Heads North Part 8

Fundy Rose Ferry to New Brunswick

Yes, heading home. We missed breakfast at the cafe because we had to leave early to get to the ferry port. Instead we stopped at Tim Horton's
So tasty! Much better than Dunkin' Donuts. Sorry DD, definitely fresher donuts.

All of us dressed a bit warmer for this trip. Didn't really have to. This time we boarded the ferry at 11 AM so the sun was higher in the sky and it wasn't as windy heading back to New Brunswick. It was fun to watch the loading.
Then we were off.

The ferry cafes were switched over from breakfast to lunch. We passed this time. Lunch is much more expensive that breakfast. However, we had one snack for the trip! Mr.'s cucumber. 

The Cucumber Story

We knew we couldn't take it across the border; no fresh fruits or vegetables or plants. Oh, no! What to do? Since it was fresh picked, Xyra hatched a plan and washed it at the Inn. Once on board she grabbed a couple napkins, ranch dressing packet, and disposable knife from one of the ferry cafe areas. That corn starch knife, wow! Biodegradable AND super sharp. She sliced the entire cucumber and we ate it on deck as we crossed the bay. (giggles) We even shared a slice with another woman who was chatting with us about her trip. It was super tasty! Plus border problem solved!

We still didn't see any wildlife, but the trip...(sighs) beautiful!

Oh, the interpretation center had this cool bird specimen on display. 
Soon land was in site. And we were getting back in our vehicles.

Thank you for stopping! Have a great Friday!

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Build: September 2019

A Favorite Store

Can you believe we never got to our calendar in August! Ugh! Yes, and I took the computer from Kirsten! She's almost done telling you about her trip; I think just two more posts.
Anyway, with getting ready for the trip and all the other things that happened in August, we couldn't figure out who to feature and then August was over. September was a bit different. This month we decided to feature LEGO store patron mini figures.

On the far left is Azari the fire elf. She likes fun and is always doing something, so you can bet she likes to build. She's at the 'pick-a-brick" wall. 
Then we have the Lego store associate! He actually looks like one of the guys at the King of Prussia LEGO store. 
Checking out the sets on the right is Olivia 1.
Olivia 2 is holding the door for a youngster coming in to shop. 
Of course, we kept the arch and the pineapple.

Yes, this month's actual calendar is kind of hard to see. We toyed with the idea of opening  the store to a straight line, but liked it better this way. Hope you do too.

Edna approves of the size of this month's build. (giggles) Definitely not too big this month.

While August had us stumped, we are happy with September and have ideas brewing for October, November, and December. Yay!

We used the Microscale Lego Brand Store (40305) kit bags 1 and 2 for this month's build.
We added mini figure dolls and other bricks from our existing collection.

What is your favorite detail of the September calendar?

Xyra side note: this is the first post using photos taken on my new phone. The old phone resized the photos to email them, this one does not. So if they look funny or are too big please let me know. 

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Kirsten Heads North Part 7

Grand Pré

Nova Scotia is Beautiful

The rides are lovely! I can't say it enough! This is just a tiny bit of what we saw on our way to Grand Pré.

Evangeline Inn

We stayed at the Evangeline Inn. Franz rested; Xyra and I went exploring the grounds since it was too lovely to stay inside.

The inn was the boyhood home of one of Canada's early Prime Ministers. We found information on him during our short tour of the grounds. 

Xyra said she would have to dig out her copy of Longfellow's poem when we get home. Now that she has more background she will have a better understanding of what is happening.

Dinner at the Cafe

In front of the inn is a cafe. We were happy we arrived as early as we did because it closed at 7 and there wasn't any other restaurant around. This area is quite secluded! If you click the link, we did not sit in the area featured in the photos. We sat in the smaller section by the front door. Dinner was super tasty. If you look at the menu, can you guess what we might have ordered? what would you have ordered?

Walking After Dinner

The Evangeline Inn, Motel, and Cafe sits at a five point intersection. After dinner we decided to take advantage of the evening light and walk around. Down one spoke we found an historic battle site.

Then we decided to go up the hill and found Covenanter Church. We could peek in the windows, but that is all. This is the church where the Acadian men were contained until the British started the big deportation.

On our way back, we met a lovely kitty and his human. The kitty was rescued from the Middle East by his humans and named Tan Tan. He has beautiful tan fur.

Back at the Inn

Xyra decided to do a small load of Franz's clothes. While she was doing the laundry I decided to "wreck" the Inn. (giggles) Absolutely no damage was done; just had fun exploring.

Other links for Grand Pré National Historic Site

Currently, Xyra is on page 89 of Longfellow's poem Evangeline. She hopes to finish at lunch today. Her copy is dated 1893.

Thank you for stopping. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.