Monday, September 23, 2019

Model Monday: Kaya #6

First Day of Fall?

Hi! Kaya here. Kirsten is trying to pick the photos for her last vacation report, so I thought I'd jump in quickly with a great new outfit. It's funny, the colors are summer, but long pants and long sleeves are fall or winter. Today is the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox, and it's waaaayyyyy too hot for long pants and long sleeves. (giggles) Oh, well. 

Photo Shoot

So which pose is your favorite?

Background & Review

  • Xyra found this at Rough & Tumble during the 71st Annual Thresherman's Reunion. She thought it was made by the Mennonite teen running the table, but then she found the Sophia's tag in the shirt. Talk about bummed. however, given the price she paid, it's okay. Much less than retail, but surely more than wholesale.
  • Love the plaid shirt. I wish it has working buttons. On the bright side, the Velcro is cut small for each button, not a big huge strip. Plus it will work in all four seasons!
  • Adore the pants! Summery, distressed. Real pockets! Perfect for cool summer nights out. You do need to be aware of your foundation garments...colored panties will show through.


Blouse: My Doll's Life by Sophia's
Tank: AG Doll Tees kit (AG has a new format for this craft kit)
Pants: My Doll's Life by Sophia's
Shoes: AG Luciana's Stellar Outfit (retired)

So happy you stopped! See you again soon!


  1. Kaya looks great. True. By this time of year I'm still in shorts. Though fall is my favorite season.

    1. Thank you! We keep going up and down in temperature. Tomorrow we will be back in shorts because we go back up to 90! Then down to 70s and 60s.