Friday, June 23, 2017

Coolspring June 2017 Day 2

Field Trip

Today is the day Flo from Say Hello to My Little Friends was coming up to visit and this visit is going off grounds to Punxsutawney, PA! Punxsutawney or Punxy is about 15 minutes south of Coolspring following Highway 36. 

Anyway, after an awesome breakfast by Villella's meats and making the beds, Xyra and I walked up to the Coolspring General Store where we were going to meet her. On our way, I noticed the front door open on Main Street and had to peek inside.
It's the machine shop where parts get adjusted, fixed, or made.
We kept walking to the General Store. Unfortunately, the porch swing gets the morning sun, so we went around back and visited with the couple that lives next door to the store. They are really nice!

Then we were off.


At Phil's Burrow I got to meet Sophia! Wow! We could be twins! (giggles)

We had a good laugh because our outfits were almost identical too. Just different socks and Phil pins! Sophia has great fashion sense!
Phil's burrow is really neat. I bet a lot of people tap on the windows though.

Hey, do you see him anywhere?
Hmm, yeah! look to the right. See the spot between the rock and the straw? He's napping in there.

I see him! Guess what? (pause) We're going to follow the Phantastic Phil Trail.
This big one right by Phil's Burrow is "Phillage." He's the only statue with a top hat.
Also nearby is this smaller Phil statue. He was really the first.
He's a great size! Made for a lovely photo. (laughing) Of course, I'm looking at Flo and Sophia is looking at Xyra! The hazards of posing for photos.

One thing you have to know about the trail is it is not set up numerically. Nope. Two and Three are a few blocks away. But there are several within walking distance of Phil's Burrow. As we walked we spotted this wooden Phil statue.

Hey, he's made of wood.
Looks like the groundhogs we see in the fields too.
A little further down was "A Philomenal Place." 
The back shows a baseball diamond. After we took the picture, we noticed this celebrated the girls' league champions! 
So cool! Three different teams!
Is that Professor Sprout?

No, (laughing) that's "The Wizard of Weather!"
He's pretty cool. 
Just down the road we found "There's Work to Be done."
What are you doing?

There should be an outlet somewhere to plug this in.
You know he's not really holding any power tools, right?

(laughing) Check out his purple safety glasses! My sister, Melody, would love those!

This one is "Phil Your Piggy Bank."

Check it out, Phil's "piggies" are made of pennies! 
But that's not real money in his tummy. Too big! (giggling)
When we got to the florist I hopped up into this fabulous hammock! Time to rest!
Sophia was trying to sit on Philtuminous's foot. He's the Heritage Hog and represents the miners in the county.

At "Phil My Prescription, Please" I tried to read the little history snippets about pharmacists.

This great apothecary shop was on his back!
"Punksutenink Phil" represents the Native American mythology surrounding the wojak or woodchuck. 

"The Spirit of Punxustawney" was a nice statue. His camera was gone, but he's in the shade. We could cool down a bit.
We also met a great UPS driver who said everyone stops him to ask where the Phils are and that we were the first of our kind he'd seen on the trail.

Loved "A Garden Pilled with Memories!"
This one has a tomato for a nose! Plus the woman in the portrait is beautiful. I bet she was a really good cook!

Laska's Pizza had a great cut out! We had to pose there!
The path over to "Through the Eyes of Pizzeria Phil" was a bit rough, so we stayed back a bit. I loved his oven mitts.
Pizzeria Phil was our last one. We found 20 of the 30 statues in place. There are 31 but one is out for repairs. So now you're thinking, I didn't show you all 20. No, Sophia and I, well, Flo and Xyra decided to split the trip so we wouldn't have duplicate posts. You'll have to check Say Hello to My Little Friends for the others. 😊

Back a the Museum

We said goodbye to Flo and Sophia at the gate. They headed back home and we headed to the tent. Under the tree I got out my lunch. Flo gave us a great picnic blanket and picnic set! (More of the full picnic later.) 

I unrolled the blanket grabbed my sandwich and chips and thermos. 
The watermelon and raspberry tea from Flo and Sophia were great additions!
Then it was nap time! Gotta love the shade!

Wasn't that a fun field trip? (giggles) I guess I should call it a Phun Philed trip. which statue was your favorite?

More to come on Coolspring 2017. I hope you come back to see more.

Tchau! Até mais tarde!

Emergency Wardrobe Update

ARGH! Not Good

Last Monday Haley showed off a really cute find from Tuesday Morning. The company is Madame Alexander Play and the outfit in question is the Fun in the Sun accessory pack. You've probably see another review on Living a Doll's Life.

I am here to say do NOT leave this swimsuit on your doll!!!!

In fact, I would discourage purchasing it at all. I fully admit Haley has been wearing the suit since last Monday, but she has been in a room with central air set at 75 away from any sunlight. 

This morning I was changing outfits getting ready for a lovely tea party and found this. 


Thankfully, the dye only transferred from where the metallic side touched her and not the entire product. 

However, the damage is done. I have contacted one of my circle of experts and will contact another shortly. Haley is okay for the tea party, but will then be getting treatments to restore her lovely skin.

Warmest regards to all!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coolspring June 2017 Day 1

Heading Out

Oh. My. Goodness! How early do you leave on road trips? We left at 5:45 AM! Luckily Xyra had the truck almost completely packed so I just had to roll out of bed and into my clothes for the day. I think I remember carrying the bag of chargers and my pillow out and a stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Then I was out for the rest of the drive.


Of course, when we got on the power museum grounds we had to set up the tent. There were a few more people where Xyra and Franz usually set up. They kept joking about "the neighborhood." Anyway, the tent went up in no time and we were all set.
Tent selfie!

First Stop

My first stop was over to the Windy City Blaisdell engine. I love that one. 
They have these new "guides" in some of the buildings so you can read about the exhibit if the engineer is not present or is busy and can't answer questions.

Up On the Hill

After that it was time to head up on the hill to Friends Exhibit Hall for dinner. 
I stopped at the Snow first.
Just a group of volunteers who gather for good food and fellowship.
This year's focus engine was the hot air engine. These are two small examples.
Aren't they neat?

After Dinner

Work doesn't stop after dinner around here. Professor M and Franz and a whole lot of others had to reset the twin.
They added a spot for a helper or electric starter. Now that they get up to 12 engines running at one time, it's nice to have a helper on engines like the twin that can be difficult to start.
Check out all the stuff needed for the move. That is one heavy engine and one heavy lifter!

That's all for day one! Please come back again. Tomorrow I get to tell you about our trip into Punxy!

Tchau! Atè mais tarde!