Thursday, November 7, 2019

Adjusting Fall Decor

Post Halloween

Hi! How are you doing? Did you have a nice Halloween? We did. we miss our sister, Melody. She's "in hospital" or "spa" with Uncle K. We messaged the other day and she is well and enjoying her visit with KJ, but is nervous and a bit homesick. Hmmm, maybe she'll come back a vegetarian vampire. (giggles)

Anyway, you know after Halloween it's time to put all the decorations away. Well, we just kind of tweaked ours.

I added a few more pumpkins and a gourd.

It was so nice out we decided to do a photo shoot. We found some nice sunlight in the side yard.

And on the sidewalk.

We wanted to work quickly before we lost the light.

Filter Fun
Then we tried out the nostalgia filter.

And 1839.

This is "Romantic." (giggles)
I'm not sure if this is back to regular or if it's the "Pure" filter. WE have to take better notes. (giggles)

Then we found our camera can add stickers! (laughing) Too funny!

What is your favorite fall decoration? Do you have a favorite photo from the shoot? How about a favorite set of stickers? (giggles)

See you again soon!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Trick or Treat 2019

The Costumes

Fashion Correspondent, Draculaura, here. On the scene for Halloween 2019 Trick or Treat. The weather outside is somewhat frightful, but perfectly spooky. It looks like our first three trick or treaters decided on original ideas. I think Haley as Rebecca will be warm. It's around 73 degrees and humid. Lanie's choice of footwear looks good for a trek around the neighborhood. Kristen is just plain foxy! (giggle cackle)
Take a closer look.
Our second set...I definitely feel a theme here. Looks like the Fabulous 50s. Two car hops and a bobby socks-er. I see Grace has chose to skate the neighborhood; could be interesting with the wet roads, wind, and low light. Kaya looks nice in the blue; I'm betting competing greasy spoons! Al's vs. Mel's. (giggle cackle) The coral blouse is lovely on Lea and her hair is in the perfect ponytail.
Take a closer look.
Who is your favorite this year?

Trick or Treat Wrap Up

(laughing) What a night?!
Those Men in Black guys were fun!
I can't believe they tried to flashy thingy us!
I know!
So many Pennywise clowns. 
Perfectly creeptastic!
I think I counted 5 Annas and Elsas.
The tiny TRex!
Soooo cute!
What are you eating first?
Gummy bears!
So yummy!
I miss Mel.
Yeah, Halloween is one of her favorite holidays.
We had fun at the luncheon Sunday.
I'm sure she is having fun with Uncle K, KJ, and Nadine. 

Costume Details
Lanie: Pineapple guinea pig costume from Petsmart
Haley: Rebecca's Meet Outfit (AG official retired)
Kirsten: Fox felt craft kit
Kaya: Our Generation Deluxe (circa 2015, retired)
Lea: Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit (AG)
Grace: Our Generation Today's Special (OG)

What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Do you prefer fun spooky or frightening spooky?

Best wishes,

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Coolspring October 2019 Part 2

Another Lovely Day

Saturday at Coolspring Power Museum had bright shining sun and warmer temperatures than Friday. One of the girls in the tent near us helped me pick out everything I needed for today.
Then I went exploring. 
Lots of leaves down.

The one exhibit has a "back porch" so we took a few photos there and tried out another filter.

This one is nostalgia. A few more with a wheel.

Franz texted so we headed back to the annex. Wow! What a difference in the field.

The rest of the day we helped Franz by filling out winter tags and then we reorganized our gear so packing up Sunday after breakfast would be easier.

Do you have a favorite photo from my Saturday report?

Hope you have a great Halloween!