Monday, May 25, 2020

Weekly Update #3

This One Goes Backward

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we remember those that gave their lives in service of this country fighting for our freedom and liberty!

Peni Goes Exploring!

Sunday, after service, Xyra and I went for a bike ride. 
Way at the bottom of the hill is a cul de sac and we found some lovely daisies and a field.

Sharing Recipes

Hey, what are you guys up to?

Peni and I are going through our recipes and comparing notes.

Yeah, we found a few duplicates, but overall have collected different recipes.


We both have a great lemon cake recipe.
But Peni has a fabulous caramel corn recipe.
Grace has one for these awesome butter cookies.
You mean Father cookies?
That's a family recipe. Passed down from great gramma G.
Cool! I can't wait to make that one.
Your potato soup mix sound great!
Hey! What's this one?

Um, yeah, that one is a secret.
Oh, ho!

National Devil's Food Cake Day!

Are we set.
You bet! This looks delicious.
I hope so.
Oh, it is delicious!

Happy National Devil's Food Cake day! (giggles)

What have you been doing this past week? How did you celebrate Memorial Day? Do you have any recipes you love to make?

Have a great day!  See you again soon!

Best wishes!


Monday, May 18, 2020

Weekly Update #2

May 11 to May 18

Let's see what happened this past week? Hmm, well, not quite as much as last week. One of the big happenings was my birthday on May 13. Do you know, not one of us took any photos!? Even Lea, the selfie queen, let her phone alone. while we played games and ate cake. Oh, such a yummy cake! Lemon with a buttercream center and lemon drizzle.  Then there was Xyra's and Franz's wedding anniversary. A bit more about that later.

Minor Events...The Bus

Hey, Peni! the doubledecker turned out great

Yeah, it is fun to push around to you. Want to have it for a bit?


On the Patio!

Hi! What's up?
Just chilling on the patio.
Chilling is right. Aren't you cold? I think I need a sweatshirt.
How about some cake and tea?
Cake?! You bet!
Look what we found? doesn't Lea look beautiful?
Oh! My bridesmaid dress from Xyra and Franz's wedding.
Is that when you wore it?
Yeah, I can't believe it's 17 years already.
It's a little bit big on her.
Yeah, I can see that. Turn around.
We definitely are different body types.  (giggles)
But that's okay.
Of course it is.
What kind of tea are you drinking?
Octavia ginger peach.
Have you reviewed that?
Yes, back in 2013 when we were just starting out. 
It's really good.
Okay. It's official. I'm cold and need to go get a sweatshirt.
I think it's time we all head inside.

What did you do this past week? We'd love to hear.

Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,

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