Thursday, May 23, 2019

Book Review: Ghostville Elementary #1

Ghost Class

by Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey

Hi! I'm your host for book talk today. I'll be sharing about the first installment from the Ghostville Elementary series Ghost Class.
Ahem, Tris, you need to get down.
Thank you. (gets seated) So the cover shows us what looks to be a mixed classroom photo. We've always loved ghost stories and stories with ghosts as characters. No the scary ones though. 
Here is a better look. This one caught our eye. It was sent to us by a friend who was thinning their family library. The book is in excellent condition!
Pencil sketch style illustrations are dotted throughout the story helping readers focus their mental pictures of the characters and activities. There aren't that many; just enough.
The back repeats the class picture and provides a nice blurb.
"And you thought your class was spooky! The basement of Sleepy Hollow's elementary school is haunted. At least that's what everyone says. But no one has ever gone downstairs to prove it. Until now... this year, Cassidy and Jeff's classroom is in the basement. But the kids aren't scared. there's no such thing as ghosts, right? Tell that to the ghosts. the basement belongs to another class⏤a ghost class. they don't want to share. And they will haunt Cassidy and her friends until they get their room back."
The blurb is pretty good at giving hints to what will be happening, but also has a few inaccuracies about what actually happens. The deception is not cool.
Overall, we all enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun read. Nice style. The characters were kind of flat; especially those other than Cassidy, Nina, Jeff, Ozzy, and Olivia. The main character, Cassidy, has some good and bad points. So does her nemesis, Ozzy. Ozzy and his classmates are trying to get Cassidy and her classmates out of their room, but their efforts are lost on most of the class and lead only to get Cassidy in trouble. Of course, that only makes Cassidy mad. Olivia knows what is going on and hints at solutions. I know Kaya started to get annoyed with Cassidy. Melody thought it wrapped up too quickly. Lanie wanted to know more about "the incident." Lea wanted Olivia to be more helpful. Grace loved Nina more than Cassidy. And Kirsten came up with a plan similar to the wrap up in the book a couple chapters before the author presented it.
As I said, we enjoyed the book. Not sure we will search out others in the series and we plan to share this through the Little Free Library at ArtFusion 19464. Now I'm would you feel if your classroom was moved to the basement and it was haunted? Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed our book talk.

Xyra's Review

Ghost Class (Ghostville Elementary #1)Ghost Class by Marcia Thornton Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very quick read for an adult reader. A nice chapter book for younger readers. The illustrations are nice.

The small school is overcrowded and the third grade class needs to move to a new classroom in the basement. It's spooky and gets spookier. Kind of.

My favorite character is Nina. She grasped Olivia's meaning and tried hard to get Cassidy to understand too. Cassidy is a bit hardheaded and I struggled with her character. Jeff was nice. Ozzy was interesting.

I liked the bright ending, but it wrapped up very quickly and left me with questions.

A good, quick read.

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hearts Filled with Sorrow

In our Large Fur Family

Last week we posted about Licorice and Dusty. Today Dusty went from her fur-ever human home to her fur-ever heavenly home. We are very grateful for your prayers and thoughts in support since last week.

Ps. Licorice is doing well on a special diet.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Accidental Goat Yoga

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Kaya, Lanie, Lea, Melody, 2 or more

Hey, Mel! Have you seen Sombrita?
(giggles) Yeah! She's over there. Bijoux, stay!
Lea! You might want to shift poses?
What? OH! Yikes!
Backyard goat yoga!
It's a good thing you're small. (giggles)
So who let the goat out?
Mmeheh. Mmeheh. Mmeheh. (laughing)
Lanie, are you sure you've been in the garden?
Yeah, your gloves are too clean. (giggles)
I'm going in for a refill on tea. Anyone else need some?

Have you ever tried goat yoga? I've seen videos, but that's all. 

What is your favorite cool drink on a hot day?

Best wishes,


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Fashion Review: OG Kitty Cat Cute

Jumped Off the Rack into the Cart

A Sale Helped

If you are a regular reader you know we love all animals, but a few of us lean in the direction of cats. So when we spotted the socks with this popped into our cart without much hesitation. 

Melody wore the socks yesterday, but have no fear Xyra did laundry last night. (giggles) Licorice does seem to be doing a bit better, so keep those prayers and vibes coming.

Today I wanted to look closer at the entire outfit. It comes with a skirt, blouse, socks, and shoes.
The blouse is grey cotton with tiny pink polka dots a pink Peter Pan collar and pink buttons.
The skirt is a soft denim, not quite chambray. the straps cross in the back and fix with clear buttons. 

I love this blouse. It fits beautifully. I can see we'll be fighting over this one. 
The skirt is lovely. Soft and a bit swingy because of being a-line.
I think you could button the straps uncrossed and it would still work, but I like them crossed.
These socks are so adorable! The shoes are kind of a cross between navy and royal. Very comfy and cute with the bows.

Model Time

Some fun poses.

Xyra's Notes

  • No links above because I can't find it on the OG website or through a google search. 😮
  • I LOVE the real working buttons! Perfectly proportioned. You can actually leave a button open so your vinyl person doesn't choke and it looks normal.
  • The edges of the denim are rough cut and I can see frying becoming a thing in the future.
  • The socks-the first time you put these on will be difficult. Have patience. The upper hem or rib is tight, so go slow. It took longer to get the socks on Melody than it did Kirsten. 
  • Great mix and match possibilities here.
  • As collectors or enthusiasts we have experienced OG quality control as not 100% stellar. My outfit fits perfectly, but I can see the wrists of the sleeves could be problematic if not exact.
  • The shoes in this set are the best shoe mold OG has. They always fit and are cute in any color.

What are your thoughts on the outfit? Do you have a favorite photo?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Battat, Our Generation, or Target. The outfit reviewed was purchased with our own funds for our collection. The review is unsolicited and comprised of our own observations, opinions, thoughts, and words. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is required or suggested to enjoy the post. No funding is received by clicking links.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Home from Vet Visit

Older Pets

Hi! Licorice has been acting a bit strangely lately, so we took her to the vet for a check up. She is 16 so changes are bound to happen. 
The doctor gave her the once over and suggested an x-ray and blood work to help with a diagnosis. Apparently, Licorice's liver values are off and she had fluid in her belly. The doctor has prescribed some medication to see if it helps to bring her levels back to or close to normal. If not, there maybe something bigger happening with her liver.
So if you have a moment please lift a prayer for her health or send out some healing vibes. We'd greatly appreciate it.

Xyra's Notes

Art Imitates Real Life
Unfortunately, this situation actually happened today in our non-vinyl fur family with 11-year old Dusty. 
She is our first "quarry cat" and a super sweet kitty. She's one of our "greeters" and the third oldest of the felines. I know some people do not embrace the idea of furry family members and feel they are "just animals." We do not fall into that category. If you are similar in thinking to us, please say a prayer for or send healing vibes to Dusty. As Melody said, we'd greatly appreciate all the healing thoughts we can get. 

Best wishes,