Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 4

Coolspring Power Museum October 2016

Day Four

We were actually out in Coolspring, PA for five days, but only took photos on four. The last day was all about packing up and heading home.


After breakfast I wanted to go back to the boneyard and take a closer look at the "statues" Abby and I explored. Here you can see the names and details.

I tried searching online for this one and couldn't find anything at all. 
Professor M said they probably closed a loooonnnnnggggg time ago.

I finally got to see the DeLeVergne Hornsby-Ackaroyd running. It's impressive.

Then one last trip for ice cream.

On the last day, the engineers shut down engines at 3 PM and start winterizing them. Make sure all water is drained and things are oiled. That way they won't freeze and crack. It looks a lot quieter now than earlier in the day.

Moon Rising

The full moon is awesome! This shot is going up to dinner.
This is during dinner.
After dinner everyone hung out for awhile. It was fun.

I really didn't need my lantern, the moon was that bright, 
but it was fun to check out what the Snow building looks like in the dark.
Then the Snow ran for a bit. It got chilly and I was glad to have my jacket.

I had a great time on our trip to the museum. Not sure when my turn will come again. I bet you can guess who will go in June. What was your favorite photo from today?

Thank you for checking out my adventure. Please stop again in the future; we're not always talking about engines.

A bientot!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 3

Coolspring Power Museum October 2016

Day 3

Didn't take quite as many photos today.

Frigid Morning

It was downright cold this morning! With heavy frost. Can you see it on the plants?
After breakfast we went down to Sudlow Station to make sure it was open for the visitors to walk through. We forgot to do that yesterday.

Then we headed up to the FEH or Friends Exhibition Hall. Franz and Professor M were helping Jenks with an interesting marine engine. Then Xyra spotted Master Taylor. It was fun meeting him

Up at the FEH you can find all sorts of goodies for a free will donation. Plus coffee, hot chocolate, and TEA! Yay! 
There is also a heater in there so even with the doors open it was warm enough to ditch my coat and mittens.

Outside the Power Tech Annex Professor M had started an orchard heater. 
We could warm our hands and tail. (giggles)

Snack Time

Most of the day we stayed by the Annex so if Franz needed anything we could go get it and he would be able to stay with the running engines. It was fun to be a gopher for the engineers. We also took walks when we wanted or read. During one walk we stopped by the Bob Himes Ice Cream Shoppe. The ice cream is churned onsite using engines to do the spinning or cranking.
The red engine in front is running and the belt off the fly wheel is attached to a wheel behind. The fly wheel spins and the belt turns the other wheel and that wheel turns the crank handle to churn the ice cream.

This time we tried the pumpkin. 
It was AWESOME! Tasted like pumpkin pie and not just the spices either. You could taste the actual pumpkin.

Late Night

After dinner we walked down to Sudlow and started up the ParmaCo. Turned around and saw the moon rising above the Lillibridge Building. Cool, huh? it was a lot bigger in person.
Franz added a small heater in the front corner. it's mostly to help warm the engine to make it easier to start, but it's nice to sit by too!

That's all for today. We had a nice visit with Master Taylor. Which is you favorite photo of the day?

My last trip post will be tomorrow. hope you come back to visit again.

A bientot!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 2

Coolspring Power Museum October 2016

Day Two

House Keeping

Or is it tent keeping? Well, after a big breakfast we tidied up the tent and grabbed the cooler for a trip to the general store for ice. Just as we headed up the hill, Xyra got a text from Flo. She had arrived! Yay! So we quickened our pace.


First we saw Flo. Then Abby jumped out of the car!

Abby, Grace, both, Xyra

Hi! I'm Grace. This is Bonbon.
Hi! I'm Abby! She's so cute.
I love your outfit. Looks comfy and warm.
Thank you! Your does too.

Xyra and Flo exchanged goody bags. I love ours! They brought us a pumpkin and skull and a super cool sock monkey sleeping bag! Photo later.


This looks interesting. Is it a sculpture garden?
Hmmm, I don't think so. What part of the museum is this, Xyra?
I call this the boneyard. These are engines and pumps that are incomplete and broken beyond repair, but some are unique representing companies no longer in existence.
This one has funny wheels.
They look like gears.

This one is an oil pump like the one just outside the Windy City building.
(giggling) Hang on, Bonbon, we'll be down.

Let's go get some ice cream.
Yeah! I wonder what flavors they will have.

Half Breed Pavilion

It's great they have benches all over for people to sit.
Yeah! Perfect for enjoying your ice cream.
What engines are we sitting near now?
These are half breeds. They started out life as steam engines that were converted to gas engines.
Neat. Where were they used?
Oil fields.
What's this one?
It's the 20 horse South Penn Special.

Visit Ends

I can't believe how time flies here!
I know!
Also can't believe you have to go. It was great meeting you Abby!
You too, Grace.
Be safe; and say hello to everyone for us when you get home. (giggles)

Later That Day...and Night

The whole day was weird. sunny, breezy, overcast and repeat. I was glad I brought my heavy coat and mittens. My braids were getting loose so I brushed my hair and put in ponytails instead.

It was nice and toasty in the Windy City building. So Bonbon and I went to watch the Blaisdell air compressor engine run for a little bit.
After dinner we were in the Annex and watching the Johnny as well as many other Thermoil engines run.


This is the photo I promised. Check out the cool sleeping bag and pillow Flo brought for us. 
I'm looking forward to sharing it with my sisters.

Have you ever met up with friends and done something fun? We had a great day with flow and Abby. Which is your favorite photo from the entire day and which do you think we should add to the scrapbook?

More tomorrow.

A bientot!

Note: Climbing on stationary equipment and touching working equipment is not permitted due to safety concerns. Even non-working engine pieces can be dangerous if you slip and fall against them. They are heavy cast iron and steel pieces of equipment-you will break before they do.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Coolspring October 2016 1

Coolspring Power Museum Fall 2016

Day One

Heading Out

Man when it comes to leaving on a trip, Xyra and Franz could be bakers! Up in the dark. Putting last minute items in the truck. Saying goodbye to everyone staying behind. Fastening seat belts and heading down the road all before dawn! We actually saw the sunrise behind us as we headed west to Coolspring, Pennsylvania.

Bonbon and I dozed a bit while it was still dark, but when the sun started rising, that was really pretty. We drove through a few fog zones. This one was really interesting. 
On the upside, we arrived at Coolspring Power Museum around 11:30 AM. That included a stop a Wawa, a rest stop, and Sheetz.

House Keeping

Franz parked the truck and started getting engine items moved into the Power tech Annex. Xyra, Bonbon, and I started setting up the tents. First the big one, then mine. 
Looked great. Then we realized there was no window cover or vestibule, so it really is a good weather tent only. Not good when expecting rain or temperatures in the 30s. Oh well, I tried it out and changed my shoes before packing my tent back up.


Part of the housekeeping included walking up to the Coolspring General Store to pick up lunch and ice for the cooler. The owner of the store is really nice! He made these great sandwiches named after the town. The Coolspring is really tasty. 

After lunch Franz finished piping to the new corner heater in Sudlow Station. Xyra cleaned up a few of the spiderwebs. She let them alone if someone was in residence. Bonbon and I went exploring. We wanted to scout out some fun new spots for when Flo arrived the next day. 
Bonbon was not happy when I climbed trees she couldn't.

And was happy to have me back on the ground.
There is a new golf cart shuttle for people who want to go visit the buildings on the hill, but might have trouble walking that distance. It's a really nice addition and cheap too. Donation of $1.
The creek is pretty neat.
But the mosquitoes were out; I got bit twice. so we didn't hang around there long.

The Sun Sets on Day One

The sun was so brilliant that day. Really made the leaves bright. Bonbon liked these photos so she could be in them too.

While talking to Professor M we spotted this great sun dappled tree. 
Gorgeous. Then it was up the hill to dinner. Super yummy. Hot beef sandwiches and so much more.

Night Time

Back down to the Annex we went. Franz was working on piping out exhaust from the Thermoil 7T. The Windy City building was lit. One of the guys was working in there too. Fine tuning before the public arrived.
Bonbon and I crashed in the tent early. It had been a long day. 
It's hard to tell in this photo, but Xyra had added little purple LED lights to the tent. Little bats. They cast good light for reading and getting ready for bed, but weren't too bright. (We had to adjust this one slightly with picmonkey.)

Which is your favorite photo from Day 1?

I hope you come back to see the rest of the week. I had so much fun. The people are so nice! Plus you have to see which one of the Say Hello to My Little Friends girls makes the trip with Flo.

A bientot!