Wednesday, April 28, 2021

And It's Still Easter

Bev Stows Her Gear

Hey, you need to unpack your stuff.
To the magic wardrobe!
(Kaya, Mel, & Pen pointing ahead) To the wardrobe!

This is our magic wardrobe.
Well, let's put it this way, we add our stuff and it never seems to get full.
So it's your turn to add to it.
I'll put the little stuff on the shelf.
Is this all you have?
Not exactly.  I brought the essentials and a few other things are being shipped.
Oooo, Mel!  I think we have another purple fan in the house.
Almost done.  Slippers.  Nightgown.
I'm really liking your backpack.
It's kind of lumpy.
Well, I had to carry my plush hedgers, you know.
They're cute!
Speaking of hedgers...
Are you ready to meet ours?
This is Skye.  She is almost always in a ball.
It's her favorite position.

Finella is always on the move.
And the little one is Heather.
They are so cute.
We lucked out.  Hedgehogs aren't social animals, but ours get along well.

To get a closer look at our hedgers, check out the 3 Little Hedgehogs post.

This brings our Easter to a close.  However, there are three more Sundays in the Easter season.

Thank you for joining us.  Have a nice day!  Stay safe and well!


Monday, April 19, 2021

It's Still Easter

An Easter Feast

Wow! Everything looks so good!
Buffet style.
There is no cake?
I don't like cake.
The cookies look fabulous!  Thank you, Grace!
You're welcome. There great aunt Nesley's. (giggles)
You mean Nesley Tolhause? (giggles)
That's the one! (laughing)

You have so many pets.
We love the critters. 
Look, Rascal is giving you the welcome from the furry Silverleaf family.
Just wait until you meet the rest.
The rest?  There're more?
Yes, horses, a cow, a goat, a sheep, a llama, a hermit crab...
Three rabbits and guinea pigs...
Two hamsters.
A few more dogs and cats.
And three hedghogs.
Wow! Did you say hedgehogs?
Cool. (giggles)

What did you eat for Easter?  

Have a wonderful day!  Stay safe and well.


Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

An Exciting Sunday

A Traveler Approaches

Well, this certainly looks like a nice place.  

I wonder what the others are like?

Well, there is only one way to find out.

Okay, everyone!  Get into place!
We need to get our Easter greeting photo done.
And my birthday!
Yes, and your birthday.
Say cheese!

They do look like a nice group.

Hi.  Um, I'm Beverly...or, uh, Bev...the new girl.
Hiya! Welcome! Cool! Nice to meet you! Hello! Salud! Bonjour!

Well, get in here! We need you in our greeting!
Are you sure?
Of course!
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday or Resurrection Day!
Also wishing Happy Birthday to all the April 4 people!

Anyone have a question for the new girl?  Please leave a comment.

Have a wonderful day!  Stay safe and well.