Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Penel's First Road Trip

Starting Early

Hey, Peni! I heard you're going on a road trip.
Yep. To Hagerstown, Maryland.
Well, I thought you'd like a new outfit.
It's gorgeous! Thank you!
Have fun!

Destination Reached

First we were at the train hub, but that was closed.
It was so nice out we didn't need heavy coats! 
I went exploring while we waited.

Then we found the Roundhouse Museum and parked there.
We went through the Train Room.

Then back to the Roundhouse Museum for a real walk through.

A fun day! We stopped at Sheetz on the way home for lunch.

I had a fun day. I'm looking forward to more trips like this one.

Bye for now!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas 2019

A New Sister

Welcoming PBS

Oh, my gosh I love our new gear!
Our new gear? These jammies were sent to me from Mimi. (giggles)
But this llama outfit from Nana Kestrel is for sharing.
So is this chef attire from the Say Hello to My Little Friends crew!
Who has the munchkins?
Here! I'll pass them.
Hey! It's the new girl!
Hi! Yeah, I'm the new girl! (giggles)
Come on in and have a seat!
What's your name?
Penelope Blaire, but you can call me Peni.
Well, Penelope Blaire, Peni, welcome to the Silverleaf family!
(giggles) So my initials are PBS...
(giggles) Public Broadcasting System
(giggles) or Peanut Butter Sandwich
You have so many cute animals!
Ha! This isn't even the tip of the iceberg for our fauna family.
Really?! Cool!
So how was your Christmas?
Well, it was really nice. I got to take my hairnet off. Then we went to Nana Kestrel's she has a lovely tree and gave me this great outfit so i could be warm.

So tell us more about yourself.
Yeah, what's your favorite color?
Nice! Mine is green too. Dark or light?
I think all! Maybe medium green, like the leaves of plants.
So you garden?
Mostly potted plants, but yes.
I like to bake.
Really?! What's your favorite recipe? 
Oh! I'm not quite sure. Cakes are fun.
Play any instruments?
I play the organ, piano, recorder, and accordion.
Anything else?
I like to crochet and sew.
Well, Peni! I think you're going to fit in really well here.
One more question, well, it's a two part question.
How do you feel about tea and LEGO?
Oooo! I love both!
Perfect! (laughing)

We'll learn more about Peni as time goes on. Do you have any questions for her?

Best wishes,

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Holiday Greetings

Happy Boxing Day!

We're slightly behind with our holiday greetings.
Maybe you saw our Facebook post.
But we definitely wanted to give everyone a shout out here too.
So Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa!
Look closely at our holiday card. First, please forgive our typo on Kwanzaa; then check out the blue thing in the foreground.
We maybe should say, "unboxing day." (giggles)
Who do you think is joining the crew?
What do you think her name will be?

Best wishes to all!