Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Advent 2019 1 2 3

Advent 2019

Do you have an Advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas? We have two this year. Let's see What's behind the doors.

Doors Numbered 1

Yay! I'm first with the Advent calendars. I think this one has chocolate.
Now where is that first door?
Cool! A chocolate snowman.
Now for Harry!
There is door one. And behind it is...
A mini figure! Harry!
He has a regular face and a scared one. I'm going with regular. I love his Mrs. Weasley sweater or I should say jumper.
Cute! Oh, I did not break off the wand. Double power seems more fun.
I'm declaring Lea next.

Doors Numbered 2

There is Harry. Too cute!
Let's see...12, 8...2!
It's a puppy!
Almost too cute to eat. (giggles)
Yeah, this is much easier!
And behind door number 2...
A bag of parts.
Oh! The Hogwarts Express!

Wow! I know we've put together bigger projects, but...
I'm glad there is a diagram.
Yeah, that's it! Looks nice. And I declare Kirsten next.

Doors Numbered 3

Melle Mel and Lea really had fun with these. I hope I can find my doors.
Found it!
The moon!
The white numbers on the dark blue background make this a snap.
What could be next?
Hmmm, could be trees.
Or candles.
Yes, snowy trees. Adorable!
I call Grace next.

Have a lovely day!

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