Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Advent Has Begun

Goschenhoppen Christmas Market

Eight years ago I went to Christmas Market to meet Amy and Nonna!  What fun that was.  This year, Bev went to check out the festivities.  Let's take a look at her trip.

Bev's Report

This pat weekend was the Souderton Holiday Parade, Upper Perk Hometown Christmas Parade, and the Goschenhoppen Christmas Market!  Saturday was too rainy for me to go to the Souderton parade.  Way too wet.  Sunday was much nicer.  Xyra and i walked up the hill to catch our Hometown Christmas Parade, but got there just in time to see Santa and Mrs. Claus pass by - so no photos.  😢

So we headed down to Green Lane and the Goschenhoppen Historians Museum and Christmas Market.

First we hit the bake sale floor.  I got a photo with the Grundsau.  His name isn't Phil.

Then this crow under glass. Or maybe a raven.  Not sure about what this is for.

I love the horse cart.

The second floor had all the fun themed trees and vendors.  Check out this Phillies tree!  I love it!  Made Xyra think of Ladies Dartia and Grey!

Then there was the hat tree.

The snowy woodland tree.

The Belsnickel tree

There was pheasant themed decor.

A lovely nativity scene.

I learned about Courting Mirrors, Bank Barns, and Elbedritsches.  Nana Kestrel made the Elbedritches.

Another horse cart!  This one with Santa.

Next we headed upstairs to the museum to get some photos of 18th and 19th century traditions.  Typical gifts were oranges, glass candy, and walnuts. 

Cookies were kept in baskets covered with a linen towel.  These are apea cut out cookies.

They seem to like "Charlie Brown" style Christmas trees.

Then we headed back down to street level and the general store museum for a game of checkers. 

So much fun!  What was your favorite part of Christmas Market?

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!



Monday, November 21, 2022

Fun with Falling Leaves

A Beautiful Day

This last weekend felt like January, but the weekend before was beautiful.  Lea and Pen had a great time with the leaves. Of course, bagging them after was not as much fun.  

Can you see the leaves falling around them in the photos above?

What could they be up to?

Have you ever jumped into a pile of leaves?  Did you think is was fun?  I love the rustle and crunch of the leaves as you walk through them.

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a great day!