Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Grace's Weekend Part 3

Train Ride Video

This is the first time we're trying to upload a video. Hope it works. This is a bit of the train ride from Sunday at the Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad.

Grace's Weekend Part 2

Silent Sunday? Not Quite!

Sunday we woke up at 8 and headed up to the bunkhouse to get showered before leaving Coolspring. We headed out to St. Mary's PA. That's in Elk County, we didn't see any elk. Xyra says that's okay because we'd probably see one on the road and that is not the best place to find one. We're used to deer crossing signs in SEPA; I can't imagine elk crossing! Anyway, the Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad© was celebrating Shawmut Day and I really wanted to see it! I mean, Kaya, Kirsten, and Lea have been there; I'm pretty certain Mel has too, but maybe she didn't post about her trip.
True! My photos didn't come out as nice as yours so I cancelled the post.
Okay, that is settled. Let's get to the report!


The Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad© is located in St Mary's PA. St Mary's is located north of Dubois, that's do-boys, between the Allegheny National and Moshannon State forests. It's the Rt 255 exit off I-80 then over the hills a bit. Anyway, as soon as we arrived I could see trains moving! That little green one is called Henry.

They were making test runs before the public started to arrive. Okay, some were already there, but a much smaller group than after lunch.

One of the awesome things about the B&W is how it started. 
One lone engine named Otto arrived in 1966...52 years later three generations are caring for and running the railroad with a 4th generation just starting to toddle on the grounds. There is more about the railroad history in the About Us section of the website.


Most of the day we walked around watching the trains depart and exploring the yard. #6 is a Shay engine.

When the sun started to get to us we headed down the access path. The others told me about this and it is really special! I spotted this great caterpillar, but it didn't talk. 
It was crawling across the tops of these green plants. It was cool! He or she was gone by the time we reached this spot again. Can you see it? You may have to enlarge the photo a bit. It's white and between the green fern frond and brown leaf. Wait, here is a better view.

I started down the path again. Bonbon had been snuffling around, but she quickly caught up to me. We could hear water and found a small waterfall.

We reached the spot where the path meets the tracks and could hear a train coming. So we waited. Soon Otto was passing our spot!
And heading up the hill to the yard.
We hiked out to the bridge.

Before heading back up to the main yard.

I was lucky enough to meet the founder and explore Otto's cab plus wave for a photo! That was fun! Mr. Bauer is very nice!


Then we took a ride in the open car!

Back in the Yard

When we got back we found Franz working on his locomotive.

Isn't it cute?

We heard a train was Otto again! He's a great engine!

Shortly after that it was time to head home. 
I had so much fun I want to go back again soon! The family is so very nice and the setting great. If only it were closer. St. Mary's is four hours northwest of us. 

I hope you enjoyed my birthday weekend report as much as I did. Do you have a favorite photo? Do you have any questions?

À bientôt!


Monday, September 17, 2018

Grace's Weekend Part 1

It's My Birthday, Woot Woot!

Hi! Grace here! Today is my birthday, so I'm taking over the blog to tell you about my wonderful weekend! If you follow us on Facebook, you saw a teaser Saturday. Or whenever the Facebook algorithm put it in your news feed. This was the teaser photo.
I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said a trip. Then I forgot to set my alarm and had to run out the door in my pajamas! Bonbon hot on my heels. It's a good thing I helped pack the truck the night before.

We get off I-80 at Brookville. There we stopped at Scheetz to get gas and use the restroom.
I couldn't believe it when I saw they now have build your own sundae bar! 

Then it was off to Coolspring. We hit the general store for sandwiches and ice. After lunch I went with Xyra to help de-web Sudlow Station. It was not a fun job. 
We also had to wipe down the benches and chairs. With all the rain and humidity they got moldy. BLECH!

Then we went up to Friends Exhibit Hall to spread out and make up some fundraising packets. I looked up and ran outside...
Oh. My. Stars and Waffles! The sun was out! Yay! We headed down to the Power Tech Annex to see Franz and Professor M. The Twin was running nicely.
So I had to get a movie of it.

But the sunshine was calling. We are lacking in natural vitamin D right now. 
I had to soak up some! 

Bonbon and I just kept walking around and enjoying our time in the sunshine.

While walking around I visited the woodworking shop. 
And saw this fly wheel.
We stayed in Sudlow Station Satruday night. It was fun and a bit creepy. 
I thought it would be warmer overnight and was glad I packed an additional blanket just in case. I hope you're liking my trip so far. Some might think, "Coolspring, again!" But it's one of our favorite places. Many friends there even on quiet weekends like this one.

So what photo is your favorite from my Super Saturday? 

Please, come back again to see part two of my weekend. 

À Bientôt!