Monday, December 10, 2018

Days 6 7 8 of 24 Advent Calendars

Let's Keep Looking!

Day Six

Hi! I hope you figured I'd be giving you the reveal on December 6 since I showed off the Lego calendar. If not, that's okay; it was a surprise to me too. (giggles) She we take a peek?
This is a really nice picture of playful kitties; fun to search!
Here is door six. And what is behind you?
Oh, a little kitty with a big ornament! 

This one is much easier to find, very practical.
So behind door number six I find a scarf and ski goggles.
We keep thinking she is done being outfitted, then BOOM there's more. While this looks easy I have to remove the head and helmet.
But now I think she is set.

At least I hope. (giggles)

Day Seven

Hello! My turn! Lucky number seven. And it is an easier one to find.
What do I see? Kittens and a wall.
Play safe, kittens. (giggles)
Over here...a larger door. 
Oh, nice! A real build!

This will be a bench.
See, the little pup loves it!

Day Eight

Come out to play, Eight!
There you are. What do you hide?
A beautiful long-haired cat. 
Don't you just want to run your fingers in that fluffy white bib?
Let's see what the number 8 reveals.
Hmm, another nice build. Looks like a lamppost. [Salut! Lady Marvin!]
It's very pretty.

And adds a new level to our scene.

That's all we have for today. Kirsten is still working on her project. Lea and Kaya are working on opening doors nine and ten. Grace is eager to get to door number 11. St. Lucia may or may not be on hold for this year. Boooo! You'll just have to keep coming back to see what's up. Please do! We love having you stop by.

Best wishes,

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