Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Build: December 2018

The Last Month of the Year

Hi! Revealing our calendar is always a fun job! As Grace mentioned last month we tried to keep it smaller than the November float. (giggles) 
I'm not sure we succeeded. But let's take a look and you can tell me if we reached that goal...or not. (giggles)
It's two, well, three separate pieces. 
We kept to the vehicle theme with creating Santa's sleigh.
Of course, we had to have reindeer pulling it.
And it's supposed to be midnight so only the animals know what is happening.
Here is a close up of the sleigh and reindeer. (giggles) That's eight reindeer wrapped up in one.
And this is the little park.
Trees, gifts, mail, animals, and a snowman.
Here it is in place. So did we make it smaller than November?
Thank you for checking out our latest build! Have a great day!
Oh, here. I like it set this way a bit better. (giggles)

Hey, do you have any thoughts about a build theme for next year? Vehicles was a tough one. We've done trees and houses already and would love some suggestions.

Best wishes!

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