Friday, January 29, 2016

Mini Pet Adventures #12

Exploration of a Lego Kind

I'm certain that everyone who has furry, four-footed family members has experience with pawsitive assistance. ;-) Caramelotta Creme and Pyewacket were helpful with an exploration scene and car.

Observing the observatory.

Caramelotta Creme hopped in for a ride; Olivia was happy to drive.

Pyewacket sniffing the little bot. CC is hoping the little bot doesn't spill Olivia's tea.

Who can picture Pyewacket's paw reaching out to touch the bot lightly and then maybe bopping it?

Best wishes!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mini Adventure #15

Mini Thirsty Thursday

Holly, Rebecca, both

Mountain of Tea

Hey, Holly! What are you doing up there?
I saw this mountain and decided to climb it.
That's not a mountain!
No! (laughing) Mountains don't have names written on them.
Ohhh! So on what am I sitting?
Looks like boxes of Barry's Tea.
Barry's Tea?
Yes, the red box is a gold blend and the green Irish Breakfast.

Seeing the Future

We'll be reviewing both blends in the future.
Stay tuned. could be next week...
Or next month. 
That is next week. (giggles)

See you again soon! Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Wonders #1

New Post Series!

Wednesday Wonders will be brief posts where one or more of us will reenact a scene from a movie or book or TV show or play or whatever we happen to be wondering about at the time. :) It won't be weekly, but should pop up at least once a month. 

Haley decided to pose for the first Wednesday Wonders post. She is recreating the cover illustration from one of our favorite books The Wednesday Witch by Ruth Chew. 
With the exception of the "black dress."

Can you find the book in the photo? Did I do a good job?


"Mary Jane's mother has told her not to let any strangers in the house while she's away. Now someone is outside ringing the doorbell. mary Jane looks through the peep hole and sees a short, fat woman wearing a long black dress and a tall pointed hat. 'She looks just like a witch,' Mary Jane thnks. The woman outside is a witch, and Mary Jane is about to meet her face to face."


One of my favorite parts of the book is when the witch shrinks down so she can hide out and live in Mary Jane's doll house.
That is a great scene! Mary Jane has everything tidy, but the witch messes everything up so it looks like an earthquake hit.
Yeah, Mary Jane got in a lot of trouble for that.
Don't forget Cinders the little cat!

Best wishes! Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tea Review: Lady Grey

Tea for Tuesday #4

Review Lady Grey

No, not our dear friend Lady Grey, but the tea blend of the same name. However, she did give us this tea for Christmas. Thank you, again, Lady Grey! :)

Did you know the Lady Grey tea blend is relatively new? It was created by the Twinings tea company in the 1990s for those who liked the idea of a citrus tea, but not the strong flavor found in Earl Grey. Twinings blend is black tea with lemon peel, orange peel and citrus flavoring. The blend we are reviewing is a green tea blend. 

Let's Get Started

Grace, Melody, both

Grace, let's have some tea. 
Yeah, it will be nice after being out in the snow. What kind?
Well, I'd like to try this one. It's from Lady Grey.
Oh, and it's called Lady Grey. Neat! But what is Lady Grey tea?
This one is an "organic green tea infused with bergamot oil with a hint of lemon added. A lighter smoother body less astringent than black Earl Grey."
Sounds interesting. Any other instructions?
Says it can be served with or without cream and sugar.
Cream? In a green tea?
You're learning fast. (giggles) Well, we only have skim milk right now so we'll try that and see what happens.

Looks interesting. I love the tin.
 The blend looks really nice.
Yeah, look at the lemon peel and do I see lavender.
I'm impressed!
It says 1 teaspoon per cup with 180 degree water; steep 2 to 3 minutes.
Here we go. I like watching the lemon peel expand.
The leaves are starting to open up and dance more.
Yeah. Looks good.
(Timer Beeps)
Smells nice. A little floral with the citrus. 
I have the tasting cups ready: (clockwise) plain, with white sugar, and with white sugar and milk.

This seems to have a bit of a bite to it. Not as light as I had thought, but not bad.
Slightly grassy, but not as much as some green teas. It seems to need something.

White Sugar (aka table or granulated sugar)
The sugar takes the edge off, lightens it a bit, and brings out the citrus.
Hmm, I think it makes it more floral.
(giggling) Well, tastes can be specific to individuals.

Sugar and Milk
Not so thrilled with the milk. Maybe because it is skim.
You have a point. It does add another layer to the flavor, but I'm not sure it is right.
Let's take the rest to the other room. maybe it's best while relaxing.
Ahh, you have a point. This is much better. Have you picked a favorite way to enjoy?
I think with sugar is best.
I'm still not sure.

Have you ever had lady Grey tea? Do you like it better than Earl Grey?

Xyra's Notes

  • I'm not a huge fan of Twinings Lady Grey. It's just not quite right to me and I entered this tasting trying to keep an open mind. The first tasting did not go well. If at first you don't still may not succeed, but you could learn a lot in the process.
  • You can re-steep this blend by adding a minute to the steep time. For my second pot I added another spoon of leaves because I was making 2 cups. I let that brew for 2 minutes. Then I re-steeped that pot for another 2 cups; letting it brew 3 minutes.
  • While, the Lady Grey tea is still not in my top 5 blends, I've found this green blend to be tasty. I like it best with some honey and lukewarm.
  • Sorry, no links in this post since we didn't really try Twinings brand and I don't have the company site for who created this blend.
  • I have an idea on how to get better sip photos. :) These are not as clear as usual.

Best wishes!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Jonas

Better Name...

Blizzard of 2016

Grace, Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Yeah, we're not all that fond of the new practice of naming winter storms.
Especially when Jonas conjures different images than 24 - 30 inches of snow. (giggling)
Although, if I met Joe or Nick I'd probably be frozen. (laughing)
Or blown away! (laughing)
Anyway, the last few days have been very interesting. Grace and I wanted to just hang out in our pjs all day long.
And we did, but Sunday we were curious and ventured out. Haley let me borrow her jacket because mine is out with Lady Vanyer getting accessories.
We were also invited to participate in a Snow Ball. 
Lanie, Haley, Kirsten, and I found our fancy dresses and got ready for that.
It was fun, but cold posing for our photos.

Exploring the Snow

Snow Ball

What They're Wearing
Haley: Antebellum gown and jacket from ArtFusion 19464, with AG button up boots.
Lanie: Striped tafeta ball gown - first craft show purchase - with AG brown shoes.
Kirsten: AG brocade dress (retired) with red cape from Lady Vanyer.
Kaya: Silver sparkly dress from The Queen's Treasures with retired AG Winter Magic top and shoes.

Did you get the snow this weekend? If yes, how did you pass the time while snowbound? If not, where did you roam this weekend?

Best wishes!