Friday, January 15, 2016

More Sad News

Rest in Peace Alan Rickman

Early on January 14 Good Morning America interrupted their regular reporting to break the news Alan Rickman passed away at age 69 after a long battle with cancer. We all stopped in our tracks with tears in our eyes and spilling over. Another huge loss  for the entertainment community. So we helped Xyra put together this collage. A distinctive voice to be lent no new characters. Another star shining in the heavens.

Hugs and love to all Alan Rickman fans.


  1. It has definitely been a horrible week in the entertainment industry, along with Bowie and Rickman, the news that Celine Dion's husband also lost his battle with cancer was very sad. :(

    1. Yeah, and Dan Haggerty from Grizzly Adams too. :(

    2. the only thing that could make this worse is if this week any of my favorite country singers died. That would be so sad. I found the death of Bowie the most sad because I am obsessed with rock n roll and his music sounded awesome! Especaly Ziggy Stardust album. - Kirsten

    3. Glenn Frey passed yesterday. My radio station's playlist today is heavy with The Eagles and his solo work. Another one gone too soon. Only 67, complications from RA among other things.