Friday, February 28, 2014

Giveaway Alert: Fun with AG Fan

Super Cute Sparkly Shoes from Lorelie Creations

We're working on a few posts for the weekend and next week. In the meantime, keep your eye out for a few great giveaways! Amaya has a great one going on her blog right now. It's sponsored by Etsy seller Lorelie Creations.

I won't borrow any photos for this one, but you definitely want to check out these super cute shoes, the giveaway, and Etsy site. Head over to Fun with AG Fan for the details, and do some window or real shopping at Lorelie Creations.

Our favorite items from Lorelie Creations

Five Piece Purple Outfit
Three Piece Acid Wash Jeans Outfit
Three Piece "Duck Dynasty" Style Camo Outfit
Denim Mini Skirt

Good luck to all who enter!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mini Adventure #5

Minis in the Library

Felicity, Rebecca, Both

Mini Book Review: Felicity's New Sister

This is great library, but all of the books are too big for us.
Hey, this one is about me and my little sister!
No, it's about when Polly was born. We can read it together.
I'm really glad no one was hurt.
Me too.
Did you really make a pin cushion like that?
I didn't but a few of the neighbors did.

Xyra's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I have not read Felicity's stories, yet. However, that knowledge was not really necessary to enjoy this short story.

While not written as such, it seemed as if Felicity was telling me what happened on a very unusual trip. I'm sure you have heard many of these in your life usually after a friend says, "You'll never guess what happened!"

Some of the best stories are about how a new life comes into the world. That is what we have here. I do wish that Felicity had been as big a person as Mrs. Wentworth in the end, but appreciate that she acknowledged her part in the story. (Sorry, I know that is not clear. Trying not to spoil anything.)

This is a very easy and quick read. The actual story is really only 27 fact, if it were on 8 1/2" x 11 would be more of an essay than anything. The rest of the pages talk about colonial times and provide instructions for making a welcome pillow.

What is your favorite AG book series?

Have you read the short stories that accompany the historical doll book series?

Stop again soon!

Best wishes,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Melody – Winter Blues

Tea Time With Melody Q’s Closet VI

Our Clarisse’s Closet Entry

Melody is posting last because her outfit was the one we submitted to Clarisse’s Fashion Styling Contest. We didn’t make the top 6, but that’s a-okay; there were a lot of wonderful entries and the ones she showcased are fabulous. However, that does mean there are a few more pictures in this post than in the others.

Winter Blues

I hear a lot of people say they tired of winter and have the “winter blues,” so when I looked into our closet for my mix and match outfit the blue items called. Not because winter makes me sad...there are so many shades of grey, blue, and white in a snowy winter day. Whether during the storm itself or the fresh fallen snow, the shades are really awesome. On the other hand, I am kind of tired of being cold; and I know we aren’t nearly as cold as those in the Midwest, North, or Canada, so I can manage. A great way to offset the cool temps is by layering. Start with a pretty sweater, add a quilted vest and build out from there.

Vest, Skirt, Socks, and Shoes: AGOT Meet Outfit IV: Urban Outfit
Scar & Mittens: JT of ArtFusion 19464 Originals
Hair Clips: Walmart Infant Hair Accessories

I really like the quiet that sometimes falls with the snow…and trying to guess who made footprints/tracks in the yard. What is your favorite thing about winter?

Thank you for following out tribute to Clarisse's Closet. Come back again to see what's new!

Best wishes,

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lanie - Highland Heather

Tea Time With Melody Q's Closet V

Muted Tones

Clarisse has a lot of great things in her closet that she has made herself or has found on many outstanding Etsy sites. Our next outfit includes a couple of design originals from ArtFusion 19464

Again, we give great thanks to Clarisse for inspiring this set of posts and to our friends at ArtFusion 19464 for their wonderful gifts!

Highland Heather

I'm not sure what drew me to it, but when I looked over our closet our new Scottish kilt screamed, "CHOOSE ME!" So I did and went from there. Sometimes wool can be itchy so I made sure I had on a good pair of tights and a long-waisted, long-sleeved shirt. The clogs paired perfectly and the colorful design on them connects well with the poncho and headband. While there is a flower on the poncho, a girl has to have a little bling! This kitty necklace was purrrr-fect.

Kilt: VG of ArtFusion 19464 Original
Top and Poncho: AG Sightseeing Outfit
Necklace: JT of ArtFusion 19464 Original
Lavender Bracelet: AG Birthday Girl Outfit 1 (aka Birthday Girl Dress)
Beaded Bracelet: Kay Jay's Doll Shoppe, Ocean City NJ

What is your favorite way to spice up your outfit?

Thank you for stopping by. Come back again tomorrow. 

Best wishes,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kirsten Ray Of Sunshine

Tea Time With Melody Q's Closet IV

Focus on Accessories

Day three of our nod to Clarisse's Closet and the fashionable outfits she inspires. I know you can create some great mix and match outfits of your own. What is your favorite outfit base? I love jeans and wear them almost all the time. What about accessories? I LOVE bracelets.

Ray of Sunshine

It's been so very grey and overcast and white lately so when I looked in our closet the bright colors jumped right out at me. But while I wanted spring colors I also wanted to stay warm, so I started with a nice pair of corduroy pants and a white top. Then I added Lanie's orange jacket and a few accessories and hoped for the sun. Didn't meed my sunglasses for this photo shoot though. Too bad. Yep, my toes got a little cold on this shoot too, but don't you just love these espadrilles?

Top: Haley's Arrival Outfit
Sunglasses: AG Seaside Wardrobe

Come back tomorrow to see Lanie's great outfit.

Warm wishes,

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kaya - Fun and Flirty

Tea Time With Melody Q's Closet III

Thank You, Clarisse, Mixing and Matching is Fun

As I mentioned the other day, these next few posts are a nod to Clarisse's Closet and the stunning outfits she puts together. Haley was all about being casual. Kaya took another path.

Fun and Flirty

I love my traditional dresses. They are fun, gorgeous, and steeped in history. But they don't always mix and match well. However, that doesn't mean there aren't ways to stay true to you. I started with the polka dot skirt and layered on a few tops. To finish my outfit I put on my white moccasins and porcupine quill necklace. This is a great outfit for a party or church or just any day when you feel like wearing a skirt. Do you have a signature accessory that you always wear? If yes, what is it? Leave a comment below.

Tank and Denim Shirt: AG Play Outfit

All of our photo shoots took place on the porch overlooking the snowy back yard. The snowman bird feeder looks pretty full. I hope it gets cleaned off by spring.

Come back again tomorrow to see what Kirsten put together.

Best wishes,

Haley - Comfy Casual

Tea Time With Melody Q's Closet II

Our Nod To Clarisse

Our next few posts will follow in the footsteps of Clarisse's Closet as she inspired a full week of posts (considering we have five models). Thank you Clarisse!

Comfy Casual

Yesterday you got a glimpse of our closet. Today I get to tell you about the outfit I put together. I like to be comfy. Since it was so chilly I wanted to have a snuggly warm outfit. So the first thing I did was to put on my favorite pair of jeans and a tee shirt. A perfect start - you can add anything to that. I grabbed our new sweatshirt and Lanie's scarf and finished it off with white ankle socks, pink shoes, and an anklet.

Jeans: Haley's arrival outfit
Tee Shirt: AG Fashion Show Tee and Pants
Sweatshirt: My Life As Grey Play Date Style Outfit
Shoes & Socks: OG Sweet in the Heat

Do you have a favorite sweater, sweatshirt, slippers, etc. that you go to when you want to warm up or feel comfortable? If yes, leave a comment letting us know what it is.

Thank you for stopping. Come back tomorrow to see Kaya's outfit.

Best wishes!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Melody Q’s Closet

Actually Tea Time With Melody Q’s Closet

Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Haley, Xyra

If you missed our google+ or Facebook share, Clarisse’s Closet is holding a Fashion Styling Contest. She wants to see how you like to dress and the outfits you like to create. You can see the details by clicking any Clarisse/Clarisse’s Closet/Fashion Styling Contest in this post. There is still time to enter; the deadline is February 21.

Everyone here at Tea Time With Melody Q loves to see what Clarisse pulls out of her closet to wear. She gives us great ideas.

We share all our clothes. Xyra keeps most if it in Thirty-One utility totes: 2 large, 1 square, 1 All-in-One; plus a few other places. But remember all our AG stuff is kept in the original box and they take up space.
When we saw the Fashion Styling Contest announcement we went to our closet and started pulling out EV-ER-Y-THING.
Well, not everything. A lot of our historical outfits don’t mix and match well, so a lot of that stayed in the closet.
The first thing we did was to collect all the pieces that were stashed here and there and started sorting piles.
Then we took off what we were wearing and added those items to the piles.
It got chilly hanging out in our underwear.
This is what it looked like when everything was sorted.
We have A LOT of clothes.
But we could still use a few more items.
Who doesn’t like to add something new now and then?
And we need a place to hang our dresses...they were all wrinkled.
Then we took turns choosing pieces to create new outfits.
Those will be shown in individual posts starting tomorrow.

After we were all dressed we put everything away. Xyra took pictures of complete outfits in their boxes so we would remember what went where later.
Here are a few of those pictures. 
Our pajamas.
I think we could use two more robes.

The Cargo Outfit without the sneakers. 
They’re over with the shoes right now.

Licorice’s Play Outfit.

Kit’s Overall’s Outfit. That’s the one she wore when she visited the Hobo Jungle.

And an earlier version of the Birthday Outfit. Do you like this one or the new one better?

That’s all for now. Come back tomorrow to see the outfit Haley put together.

Have fun mixing and matching!

Best wishes,