Friday, February 21, 2014

Haley - Comfy Casual

Tea Time With Melody Q's Closet II

Our Nod To Clarisse

Our next few posts will follow in the footsteps of Clarisse's Closet as she inspired a full week of posts (considering we have five models). Thank you Clarisse!

Comfy Casual

Yesterday you got a glimpse of our closet. Today I get to tell you about the outfit I put together. I like to be comfy. Since it was so chilly I wanted to have a snuggly warm outfit. So the first thing I did was to put on my favorite pair of jeans and a tee shirt. A perfect start - you can add anything to that. I grabbed our new sweatshirt and Lanie's scarf and finished it off with white ankle socks, pink shoes, and an anklet.

Jeans: Haley's arrival outfit
Tee Shirt: AG Fashion Show Tee and Pants
Sweatshirt: My Life As Grey Play Date Style Outfit
Shoes & Socks: OG Sweet in the Heat

Do you have a favorite sweater, sweatshirt, slippers, etc. that you go to when you want to warm up or feel comfortable? If yes, leave a comment letting us know what it is.

Thank you for stopping. Come back tomorrow to see Kaya's outfit.

Best wishes!


  1. I love that outfit! I'm a sucker for a hoodie!!

    1. Haley says, "Thank you."
      Gotta love a good hoodie!

  2. I love that hoodie too!

    1. Thank you. It's part of a My Life As outfit found at Walmart. More on that later.