Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics

Caught Up in the Olympics

We're sorry we haven't posted in a couple of days. We've been watching the winter Olympics and photos of us watching TV just aren't that exciting. However, we thought it would be fun if you could guess our favorite sports. We'll each give you a clue; leave a comment with your guesses.

First, we all like figure skating so don't guess that! :-D The new team competition was really cool!

The winter Olympic sport I like to watch best...


I don't like roller coasters, but these 3 sports seem to take place on one. One to four athletes travel twists, turns, curves, and straightaways from top to bottom. The fastest time wins. Everyone...on three...1,2,3...Cool Runnings!


I'm a two planker, but not super extreme. This is extreme enough...the athletes still reach speeds of 70+ miles an hour.


If you think about where my family comes from you should figure out a way that I may have traveled to school during snowy weather. Although, I wouldn't have spittle frozen to my chin. :-D


My fave is one of the newer events. Only a little over 16 years old - made its first medal appearance in Nagano, Japan. And for some reason makes me think about tomatoes. ;-D


Teamwork all the way...they may slip and slide a bit, but sweep up the medals. And this is the only time it really gets air time.


  1. Ha ha... mogols (sp?), snowboarding, and cross country skiing? I used to cross country ski. I like curling and speed skating, too. You are right. Everybody loves figure skating. :)

    1. You got three of the five. Not too bad. :)
      We like all the winter sports, but have some favorites.
      And definitely appreciate all the hard work the athletes put in to get to this point.

  2. My family and I love watching the Olympics together!

    1. We do too. It's so much fun to see the different competitors and cheer them on. We're really happy for all the medalists whether they be from the US or not. Of course, if they are US we are a bit happier. ;-)