Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Twos Day

02/22/2022 or 22/02/2022

Tea for Twos Day (Tuesday) #19

(in unison) Hello!  It's Twos Day! (giggling)
So here we are, two of the Tea Time Crew.
With breakfast for two.
Tea for two. 
Two cute cavies.
And Tutu Kitty! (giggles)

We're two wearing tutus with Tutu.
What a fun day!
Did you do anything to celebrate this day?

By the way, today is also National Supermarket Employee Day
National California Day, 
National Cook a Sweet Potato Day, 
and National Margarita Day.

(together) Midnight Margaritas! (singing) Put the lime in the coconut and drink em both up...(giggles)

Hmmm, the next time something like this will happen is February 22, 2222

Thank you for stopping by! Stay safe and well!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Groundhog Day 2022

Let the Countdown Begin!

Earlier this week!

I love looking at tracks in the snow.
Me too!
These are sweet!
Look out, Bijoux, don't walk in them.
So what do you think will happen on Tuesday?

Looking forward to the Groundhog Day celebration!

Yeah, me too!
Okay, I'm way too cold.  Let's go get some cocoa!

Gobbler's Knob 2022

(Yawning) It's too early for this.

But you got dressed, you could have stayed in your pjs.
Then I'd be late for school.
Let's go Phil!
Phil Phil Phil
(laughing) This song is funny.
Look!  There's Miss Pennsylvania!

Hey! I was there!
3 minutes to Phil
Here we go!
So cute!

He's seen his shadow!

Six more weeks of winter.
So much fun and energy!
Go Mel!

I love our Phils!

Are you happy Phil saw his shadow?  
Were you hoping for an early spring?

Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with us!  Have a great day!

(PS. You can see the recap on PCNtv)

Stay safe and well and warm!