Sunday, May 1, 2022

Mini Adventure #25

Crafting with Lady Vanyer and Lady Webby!

The Newest Mini of the Family Explores Three Rooms

Hi!  I'm Kamini.  I stowed along as Xyra went crafting with Lady Webby under the guidance and tutelage of Lady Vanyer.  Lady Vanyer gifted each a blank room for their birthdays.

This was Xyra's from the beginning of the session. 

I helped hang a photo.

Lady Webby finished her room.  It is so very cozy!   

She said it's not quite finished; it needs a lot of books.

Lady Vanyer is working on a kitchen.

And Xyra, she's making a home office.

Some tweaking was done when we got home.

Which is your favorite?

Thank you for stopping by!  Come again soon!  Have a lovely day!