Monday, November 27, 2017

Fashion Review: OG The Real Teal

Our Generation

The Real Teal

The other day I was at Target and saw this great outfit. Had to have it and the plus, it was on sale. It's called The Real Teal and is not on the current OGDolls website (they've updated the site too; kind of cool). I think the skirt is supposed to be teal, but it's a dark teal. More on that later.
I flipped it over to look at the list. School supplies?! Where are they?
Mine did not have the pencil, ruler, and eraser. I thought someone wanted them and figured out how to pilfer them. No worries. It's the outfit that counts and it's cute on the model. 
Plus I was happy with the skirt, blouse, socks, and bag. (Notice I didn't include the shoes - I've given up on the OG T-straps - again more on that later.)

Overall, you get a complete outfit of five items: blouse, skirt, socks, bag, and shoes. The colors are earthy and look to have great mix and match potential.
The blouse and skirt have velcro closures. The bag has tiny elastic loops around the small buttons. The fabrics used are each a little different, but sturdy and thick and soft and (in my humble opinion) nice.
The shoes are two-tone molded plastic t-straps with a small heal.
Yeah, they fit, but they don't close properly.

And this is on Haley our first model. 

How do I look? 
The skirt is loose on me. The blouse fits nicely with room to move. I don't like the shoes much.

My turn! I'm going to try the shoes without the socks.
Still no good. I like these shoes and bag better.
Quick note: the skirt is high wasted and snug on me, but not too snug. The blouse is more fitted too. I could use a little double-stick tape or a safety pin to keep the gaps closed when I raise my arm.
My turn. I like the look, but not so much the fit.
Just slightly too tight, top and bottom.
I'm last and making this outfit my own. 
If I don't tuck in my shirt the skirt fits better, still a bit snug. I can layer the blouse over my tee and leave it open. The bag is awesome! Definitely mix and match possibilities here!

Xyra's Notes


  • Kaya and Kirsten are early AG bodies, so more rounded. The pieces fit, but are snug.
  • Lea is the newer, slimmer body style and the items fit her better, but are still snug.
  • Haley is a Madame Alexander slim body. The skirt is big on her; the blouse fits nicely.


  • These pieces look great together and will work wonderfully as separates. Versatile neutral shades. 
  • Skirt: Dark teal with white flecked pattern and front pleats. The material is soft and falls nicely to just above the knee.
  • Blouse: Grey and white flowered pattern with peter pan collar and slightly puffed sleeves. The material is stiffer, like canvas, and feels like it has a coating on it.
  • Socks: Thick knit material. No descernable heel so they don't quite stretch to their full potential as the knee socks picture on the box.
  • Bag: Mustard color with small white Swiss dots. Messenger bag style with ample strap to wear cross body. Roomy. Soft, heavy cotton. Love this piece!


  • None of the t-strap shoes I have from OG will close without a LOT of effort. This is my third pair. It's just not a mold that works for all 18" dolls. I wish they had left off the t-strap part and made them regular slip ons. They fit just won't close and the t is crooked. :(

Small Parts

  • I was at a different Target this weekend and found two more of this outfit. They too were missing the eraser, pencil, and ruler. I am beginning to think the list on the package is a mistake even though the model on the package is clearly holding the items.

Who was your favorite model?

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Friday, November 24, 2017

What's Up at TTwMQ

Hello from the Sick Ward

(coughs) Hi! We're sorry we haven't been around lately.
(sniffs) It's been kind of icky around here.
Started with Franz then just hit everyone.
The temperature fluctuations and sinus pressure were the worst.
Put us off tea, if you can believe it! Just starting to enjoy that again.
(coughs) We're all on the mend in one way or another.
And have something planned for you for Monday.
Wishing you all a healthy Thanksgiving weekend!
See you again soon!

Best wishes,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Greetings and Salutations!

Our house got hit with a bad bug and have been under the weather the past week. Never fear! We are on the mend and send our love to you!

Because this appears so small...
From everyone at Tea Time with Melody Q, we give thanks to know you and consider you a friend and feel blessed you're in our lives! Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmest wishes!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Model Monday: Kaya #4

Warm September and October

Today is a miserable, overcast, rainy, and cold so I decided to post this shoot from when it was warm and sunny and lovely!

Which is your favorite photo?

Happy Native American History Month! See you again soon!