Friday, November 10, 2017

The Build: November 2017

All Things Autumn

Hi! It's November and time to reveal our new calendar build. Yay! 
During brainstorming we thought about everything that is autumn. Not an easy task since we've still felt like summer until this week and now it feels like winter! Anyway, we continued this year's tree theme and kept the pumpkin calendar look.
We did do some shopping for this one and incorporated parts of this year's Lego Thanksgiving Harvest set, but then added parts of other sets and our own flair...more than 15 pieces of flair. (giggles)

The Reveal

And here it is!
Two trees filled with fall foliage.
The pumpkin calendar complete with leaves and stem represented. Sky too.
Okay, maybe we shouldn't have the turkey sitting in the sky area. We might tweak that as the days go by.
Bunnies are invading the garden. Friends and pets are playing in the leaves strewn about the lawn.

Here's two more angles.

What is your favorite part of the new build?

What is your favorite autumn activity?

Best wishes,