Monday, November 6, 2017

Coolspring October 2017 5

Coolspring Power Museum Fall Expo 2017


(In Which the Museum is Not Featured)

Wait! What? No photos of the power museum today? Nope. See what happens the day we go home happens really quickly! Going out for breakfast, packing everything up and collapsing the tent and doing one last canvas of the area to make sure everything is winterized properly. Then we pile in the truck and head east!

It usually takes anywhere between 4 and 5 hours on the road. This time it was closer to 5 because we encountered traffic slowdowns at 3 different construction merge points on I-80. It's terrible! All these people flying by in the lane that is to close thinking they can get ahead in the line. Do you notice this when you go on road trips?

Anyway, by the time we got home my sisters had joined other neighbors up on Main Street to watch the Halloween parade. I didn't find them, just watched on my own, well, with Xyra. Here's what I saw...
A local dance studio

A float filled with youth football players.
Some monster trucks. (giggles)

The high school marching band.

I loved how it got darker as the parade moved on by. Usually we are bundled up in heavy jackets with hats and gloves. No need this year. Xyra was there in a tee shirt! She had her sweatshirt with her but didn't need it. There was more to see, but we were in charge of ordering and picking up pizza. I loved what I saw and we all enjoyed relaxing and talking over pizza.

Do you like going to parades? What's your favorite part of a parade? How about your favorite part of a Halloween parade?

So glad you stopped.  Come again soon.

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