Sunday, May 31, 2020

Weekly Update #4

May Birthdays

This week was a bit different.  After scrolling through our newsfeed we realized a lot of the AG girls have May birthdays.  
Then we decided to have a type of birthday parade.
Off we went to the magic wardrobe to find what we wanted.
Can you guess who we are?
Guess before you read to the bottom.
Yeah, answered revealed there.
The day before our parade we had a huge storm blow through and we got to see a double, full rainbow!

It was super, mega WOW!

Here comes the parade!

Hints: 1904, 1934, 1954, 1974, 2018

The Reveal

In case you can't read our sign...Samantha, Kit, Maryellen...
We have two of her.
Julie and Luciana.

Thank you for stopping.
Which is your favorite outfit?  
Feel free to ask questions about the outfits.

Have a great week!  See you again soon.


Note:  Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl.  The characters and outfits featured are part of our own collection.  No purchase is suggested or required to enjoy the post.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Weekly Update #3

This One Goes Backward

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we remember those that gave their lives in service of this country fighting for our freedom and liberty!

Peni Goes Exploring!

Sunday, after service, Xyra and I went for a bike ride. 
Way at the bottom of the hill is a cul de sac and we found some lovely daisies and a field.

Sharing Recipes

Hey, what are you guys up to?

Peni and I are going through our recipes and comparing notes.

Yeah, we found a few duplicates, but overall have collected different recipes.


We both have a great lemon cake recipe.
But Peni has a fabulous caramel corn recipe.
Grace has one for these awesome butter cookies.
You mean Father cookies?
That's a family recipe. Passed down from great gramma G.
Cool! I can't wait to make that one.
Your potato soup mix sound great!
Hey! What's this one?

Um, yeah, that one is a secret.
Oh, ho!

National Devil's Food Cake Day!

Are we set.
You bet! This looks delicious.
I hope so.
Oh, it is delicious!

Happy National Devil's Food Cake day! (giggles)

What have you been doing this past week? How did you celebrate Memorial Day? Do you have any recipes you love to make?

Have a great day!  See you again soon!

Best wishes!