Sunday, May 10, 2020

Weekly Update #1

With Tea and Sunshine and Salutations of All Sorts

May the Fourth Be With You!

Did you celebrate this Monday? If yes, what did you do? We finally got to see Rise of Skywalker. Porgs are the BEST!!!!   Well, next to R2 and BB8 and ewoks.

Cinco de Mayo!

It would have been fun to celebrate this or even just have Mexican food, but Xyra was not up to ordering pick up from Cal Tort. So we had leftover BBQ instead.

Happy Nurses' Day / Happy Skilled Trades Day! / Teacher Appreciation Week

Wednesday was all about sharing the love with the people who are keeping us healthy and moving along.

Thirsty Thursday #29

When the sun shines one must enjoy it! That's what we did this today.

We raised glasses of iced tea in honor of our friend Nonna for her birthday. Virtual parties can be fun; not the same, but fun.  Happy belated birthday, Nonna!

Lanie and Lea got to gardening.
Kaya and Kirsten were out on the scooter; you know Tatlo tagged along.
So what kind of tea are you two drinking?

It's JusTea Purple Rain tea.

Looks good.
Yeah! It's a great blend and fruity!

The Details
JusTea is a Kenya fair Trade tea company.  I met them at the Coffee and Tea Festival Philly 2019. 

This tea has organic lemon grass, Kenyan purple tea, hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehips, natural passion flower. Lanie is looking forward to composting the bag for the gardens.

The package also shows you want 1 teaspoon tea per cup of boiling water and to let it steep 4 minutes.  Here is our teaspoon of tea.
Now we put the cozy on top and set the timer.
Let's see how it turned out.
Lovely color.
Smells great. Floral, fruity, relaxing.
Here's another look at the color.
It tastes...mmm...tropical.  Full.  Fruity.  I would like just a touch of honey..
If you like hibiscus teas JusTea Purple Rain is a good one to try.


Friday was not a good day so we're skipping the report there.

The Next Weekend

We went from shorts and tees back to long pants and sweatshirts.
Even had some flurries. It was windy and wintry.
Perfect weather for working on a blog post and graphics.

Happy Mother's Day!

How did you celebrate? This is a photo from Gramma Enne way out in Nevada.

Thank you for checking in with us!  Hope you had a great week!

Best wishes,


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  1. Looks like a very busy week!! The periodic nice weather has made all of this being stuck at home a little bit easier though. Grandma Enne's photo is fantastic, looks delicious!

    1. Yes, I bet your crew was busy too!
      I love that set; it's a great tradition we started and AG helped us keep going.

  2. What a spectacular post for the last week. We loved every photo and all the great activities you all had. The Purple Rain tea looked delicious.

  3. Just went back to this post and noticed that all the girls were wearing their sunglasses to protect their eyes during their Thursday outing. Neato!