Friday, November 26, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

Blessed and Grateful

Hello to all of you from all of us at Tea Time with Melody Q!  

We're slightly late, but we wish you and your families and very Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, well,, everyday we are grateful for you.  As you follow our adventures, please know that you are important to us and we are grateful for your support.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food or tradition?

Much love to you and your families!

Monday, November 15, 2021

October Coolspring Expo Recap Days 3-5

Welcome Back

Hi!  I didn't forget, just got a bit distracted.  Then all of a sudden it turned into November 15! How did  that happen? Yesterday was Halloween! Well, let's get back to the wonderful fall show at Coolspring!

Day Three

So Friday was kind of rainy and Xyra had gate duty so I hung out at the tent with Echo and Phil and the new puppy and kitty Maritza and Flo gave us.  (giggles)

I did get out a bit in the afternoon to check out the grounds.

After dinner we headed into the Power Tech building where Franz and Professor M and a few others were working on a generator.  

That was cool, but also loud when it got running.

I had a rebraiding session.

Day Four

Saturday was also a bit dreary.  We spent most of the day down at Sudlow Station with the Parmaco.  

Of course, we also got inspired to a bit of a photo shoot among the fall colors. That was fun!

Do you have a favorite photo?

The sun came out at dinner time. 

Day Five

After a tasty breakfast at Punxsy Phil's we packed up and headed home.  See that square?  That's where our tents were.

Traveling ins a lot of fun, but coming home is really nice too!

PS. Finishing up while watching Moana for the first time.  Great movie!  Hey Hey is hilarious!

Thank you for stopping by!  Please come again!