Sunday, December 26, 2021

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas!

Hi!  How are you this Boxing Day?  
Yes, we are in Pennsylvania, but a little friend reminded us yesterday that today was Boxing Day.  
A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!  May your soul feel it's true worth this holiday season and all year long.

A Christmas Who Wears it Best?

The gang at Say Hello to My Little Friends sent the cutest Santa hat and we all had fun wearing it. Who do you think wears it best.

Other Christmas Finery

Check out Pen's new outfit!  She's on the left in our Christmas photo, in the light blue and black.  Lady Grey sent it to us for Christmas.  Love it!  It's from Dreamworld Collections the Parisian Stroll outfit.
Check out Melody's outfit too!  Flo sent it to us for Christmas!
Thank you so very much Lady Grey and Flo!  These are fabulous outfits!!

Final Tea

What a way to spend Advent?! Sipping the days away!  (giggles)
So true!  Although, we do have 2 more to taste.
Yes, the two chamomile based teas.  
Oh. Well, we still have a few more days in the Christmas season.  (giggles)
True.  We plan to have two more tea posts to wrap up all the teas.
Sounds good. The one also celebrates Bevy's birthday, right?
Yes.  Time seemed to speed up right around her day.
It's never too late to celebrate special people.
A huge thank you to our ear friend who sent the tea Advent calendar!  So much fun!

Thank you for joining us for Christmas!  We wish you well and look forward to hearing from your about your favorite Christmas traditions.

Much love!


Monday, December 6, 2021

Advent 2021 Day 4 Plus

A Little Late

Day 4

Hi! Yes, I'm two days late for this post.  However, I get to give you a bigger scoop so read on to through the end.

So let's take a peek behind number 4.

Oooo! High Mountain Oolong.

The tins are the same color combination.

Inside are beautiful leaves. To the kitchen!

We scooped a teaspoon of leaves into the pot and added the water.

Added the cozy and waited.

Look how they've unfurled!  And the lovely color.

If you're an oolong connoisseur, then you may not approve our steeping method, but not everyone has a gaiwan. Regular old steeping is how we're going.

Okay, so only one cup this time because typically with oolong you do not add sweetener or milk.

Let's sip.

Yum!  This is very nice!

Smooth.  Tasty. Definitely a good one!

Days 1-4

Here's a look at 1-4.

Day 2 was India's original Masala Chai.  

We didn't find the instruction sheet until day 3 so we steeped it in a traditional black tea method.  It was tasty plain.  Then we resteeped and added sugar and milk.  It resteeped well and held good flavor with the additives.

Day 3 was Turmeric Spice Herbal Tea Tisane.  Different flavors than we are used to.  Had a slight kick to it; that was the ginger.  Resteeped well.  We learned we need to use a glass carafe for the turmeric tea - the color will stain and the strong flavors remain behind without scrubbing.

Days 1-6 or 5 & 6

We were excited by day 5. 

Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea.  You know that's Mel's favorite. The leaves looked nice and had a lovely fragrance.  They steeped nicely, completely unfurled.  And then, well, it was okay.  Just didn't make Mel do her little Earl Grey sigh. (giggles)

Day 6 is another masala chai.  This time a Sweet Cinnamon Spice Masala Chai.  This time we made it properly bringing the water and milk to a boil and simmering, straining the leaves and adding a bit of sugar.  This one did not fly.  Just not tasty.  Then we tried again with a traditional steep. Um, nope.  This one we just didn't like.

Oh, well, there were bound to be some we don't like out of the 24.  Do you have any favorites among this first 6?  If yes, feel free to share tips on the best way to enjoy.

Thank you for checking in.  More to come!

Have a great day!