Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Twisted Tuesday: Bev's Fun Factoids

Why Twisted?

We tied a Model Monday to a Fun Friday and are posting on late Tuesday almost Wednesday, but we didn't want to wait. 😄😵  
Also I have to say that magic wardrobe is fun.  Look at the cute outfit I put together for my shoot.

Get to Know Bev

Hello!  My first solo post!  I did do my research.  My full name is Beverly Ingeborg Silverleaf.  Ya, ya, definitely a Swedish name.  My birthday is December 13, 2011.
I have a few nicknames:  Bev - that's the obvious one - Beaven or Beven, and Bevy.  Yes, just like momma Goldberg! (giggles)
While I didn't bring any of my own pets to the family, I'm really loving all the kitties and those hedgehogs!

My doll just arrived the other day.  Her name is Ruthie and she'll be in another post.  I'm looking forward to sharing her with you.

As for hobbies, well, I love playing cards, reading, crocheting, embroidery, and finding fun stuff at yard sales.

My Favorites

:  I love cats!  They are the best!

: Hmmm, that's tough since I love to read.  I think first is The Bible, yes, that's right.  Then mysteries featuring cats - like The Cat Who series.

:  Easy peasy!  Purple!  I kinda think you'd figure that out by now. (giggles)

:  Spaghetti, I can eat it every day!  And when it comes to diner menu options, chicken croquettes are yummy.  For snacking popcorn with butter and salt or salty pretzels are the best.  And for dessert, strawberry trifle, Hershey's chocolate cake, or apple pie.

:  Lilacs.  They're purple and smell wonderful!

:  Organ - so many lovely tones and rich sounds.  Piano is okay, I can play it, but really prefer the organ.

:  Another tough one to narrow down.  Let's start with 1776, The Proposal, and any Elvis movie.

:  13 - no triskaidekaphobia here.
Rock group/musician
:  Elvis, of course!  I also like Neil Diamond, Simple Minds, David Bowie, and The Moody Blues.
:  Okay, I'm just going to put this out there, I'm a watcher not a player. Although, I can get into a game of croquet now or then.  My favorite sport to watch is figure skating - all types - women, men, couples, dancing.
:  I like spiced or chai tea, especially in latte form.  Yummy!
TV show(s)
:  The Big Bang Theory, Property Brothers, Home Town, and any of the Hallmark movies & Mysteries shows.

This was fun!  Did anything surprise you?  Do you like some of the things I do?  Which is your favorite photo from my shoot?

PS.  We're still working on adding my signature to the crew below.  
Unfortunately, we have to figure out how to do it again and programs change even over the course of a year. 😞  So it may change a bit until we get things squared away.

Nice meeting you!  Have a nice day!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

And It's Still Easter

Bev Stows Her Gear

Hey, you need to unpack your stuff.
To the magic wardrobe!
(Kaya, Mel, & Pen pointing ahead) To the wardrobe!

This is our magic wardrobe.
Well, let's put it this way, we add our stuff and it never seems to get full.
So it's your turn to add to it.
I'll put the little stuff on the shelf.
Is this all you have?
Not exactly.  I brought the essentials and a few other things are being shipped.
Oooo, Mel!  I think we have another purple fan in the house.
Almost done.  Slippers.  Nightgown.
I'm really liking your backpack.
It's kind of lumpy.
Well, I had to carry my plush hedgers, you know.
They're cute!
Speaking of hedgers...
Are you ready to meet ours?
This is Skye.  She is almost always in a ball.
It's her favorite position.

Finella is always on the move.
And the little one is Heather.
They are so cute.
We lucked out.  Hedgehogs aren't social animals, but ours get along well.

To get a closer look at our hedgers, check out the 3 Little Hedgehogs post.

This brings our Easter to a close.  However, there are three more Sundays in the Easter season.

Thank you for joining us.  Have a nice day!  Stay safe and well!