Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow and Tea

The Grounhog was Right

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

More Snow Today

Well, the groundhog was right.
More snowy weather.
It's really pretty.
Didn't Xyra just finish shoveling?
Doesn't look like it.
It's really coming down.
Listen to how quiet it is.
Okay, I'm ready to go back inside. Who's with me?
I am.

Time for Tea

Haley, Melody, both

Absinthe Aethers from Solstice Brews

The name means air of absinthe or aroma of absinthe.
While the description page mentions the spirit from which the tea blend gets its name, there is no alcohol in this tea.
It is purely a green tea blend that has a hint of anise (black licorice) in the aroma and flavor.
In no way are we promoting the alcoholic libation.
We are reviewing a very tasty tea blend.
Let's try this one!
It's such a cute little tin.
Solstice Brews  Absinthe Aethers blend.
That's the other one Xyra got at the Steampunk Unlimited event, right?
Looks interesting.
A green tea blend.
Definitely a green tea blend.
Love the dancing leaves.
Ready to pour?
Wait, let me add a tiny bit on honey to the cup.
You bet.
Now pour.
Smells wonderful. Like black licorice.
That's the anise and fennel.


The Absinthe Aethers blend is wonderful hot! I was really looking forward to savoring the aroma and warm flavors and filled my travel cup, but I ended up having to shovel a path into the office. As a result, the tea was cold by the time I put it on my desk. However, this blend is great cold too! Still smooth, sweet, and tasty. The anise is just a hint; not overpowering at all, just perfect.

Thank you for stopping by today. Come back again tomorrow to see what Xyra saw outside her office. Really cool!

Hope you have a great day. Stay warm and safe.

Best wishes.



  1. Wow, how much snow are y'all getting? I wish we would get some snow here in TX!! Love your photos!

    1. We got 8 inches that day. I'd gladly send some your way. ;-)