Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Winter?

More Snow Pictures

Melody, Kaya, both

You may or may not have heard about the big nor'easter storm that hit the east coast Wednesday into Thursday. There arereally three parts to the storm. The snow that fell from Wednesday night into Thursday, the rain and sleet Thursday evening, and then more snow to come overnight. 

Shortly after noon, Kaya and I decided to take a  few pictures outside. Tatlo trotted along with us. First we went the same spot where we stood when we saw the groundhogs.

Because the sky is cloudy it is really hard to tell where the snow ends and the sky begins. I'm starting to understand what the skiing commentators are talking about when they talk about how light changes the course.
Our house is on a hill so the snow line behind me is more accurate. the snow is up to our shoulders.

Then we went out back 
And found this great "cave."
Never go into a cave unless it has been explored before. You don't want to get stuck or meet a wild animal.
It's really a space under one of our bushes, but the snow hasn't been accumulating under there, so it's really cool.
The snow is higher back here.
Over our heads.
It started to drizzle, so we went back inside.
But I took one more look out over the backyard. You can see it is around 30 degrees right then.
Oh, and remember that day when Haley and I were by the snowman bird feeder? It's almost touching the snow now.

Hope you had a good day today. Sending warm thoughts to all our friends.


  1. hey Kaya and Melody how much snowflakes did y'all get ?

    1. Hiya, Muffins4sale! Kaya here. We can't count that high, but enough snowflakes to leave build up 9 more inches! :-)

  2. Those are great photos. It looks like you have as much snow as us. I am sick of all this snow.

    1. Agreed...and we're to get more tonight. LOL *sighs* Winter. At least we don't have it as bad as some places further north like Scandinavia and northernmost Canada.