Thursday, February 20, 2014

Melody Q’s Closet

Actually Tea Time With Melody Q’s Closet

Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Haley, Xyra

If you missed our google+ or Facebook share, Clarisse’s Closet is holding a Fashion Styling Contest. She wants to see how you like to dress and the outfits you like to create. You can see the details by clicking any Clarisse/Clarisse’s Closet/Fashion Styling Contest in this post. There is still time to enter; the deadline is February 21.

Everyone here at Tea Time With Melody Q loves to see what Clarisse pulls out of her closet to wear. She gives us great ideas.

We share all our clothes. Xyra keeps most if it in Thirty-One utility totes: 2 large, 1 square, 1 All-in-One; plus a few other places. But remember all our AG stuff is kept in the original box and they take up space.
When we saw the Fashion Styling Contest announcement we went to our closet and started pulling out EV-ER-Y-THING.
Well, not everything. A lot of our historical outfits don’t mix and match well, so a lot of that stayed in the closet.
The first thing we did was to collect all the pieces that were stashed here and there and started sorting piles.
Then we took off what we were wearing and added those items to the piles.
It got chilly hanging out in our underwear.
This is what it looked like when everything was sorted.
We have A LOT of clothes.
But we could still use a few more items.
Who doesn’t like to add something new now and then?
And we need a place to hang our dresses...they were all wrinkled.
Then we took turns choosing pieces to create new outfits.
Those will be shown in individual posts starting tomorrow.

After we were all dressed we put everything away. Xyra took pictures of complete outfits in their boxes so we would remember what went where later.
Here are a few of those pictures. 
Our pajamas.
I think we could use two more robes.

The Cargo Outfit without the sneakers. 
They’re over with the shoes right now.

Licorice’s Play Outfit.

Kit’s Overall’s Outfit. That’s the one she wore when she visited the Hobo Jungle.

And an earlier version of the Birthday Outfit. Do you like this one or the new one better?

That’s all for now. Come back tomorrow to see the outfit Haley put together.

Have fun mixing and matching!

Best wishes,


  1. WoW!!! I LOVE all your outfits!! Especially Licorice’s Play Outfit and Kit's overalls

    1. Thank you. We have fun making wish lists with every AG catalog, but tend to be picky. However, when we really, really like something we try to get it before it Kit's Overall's Outfit.

    2. That is a lot of clothes. My dad says my dolls have more clothes than he does. lol

    3. I agree. It will make us look harder at our wish lists as to if we really need an outfit.

      :-) Dad's are funny that way.