Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mini Adventure #5

Minis in the Library

Felicity, Rebecca, Both

Mini Book Review: Felicity's New Sister

This is great library, but all of the books are too big for us.
Hey, this one is about me and my little sister!
No, it's about when Polly was born. We can read it together.
I'm really glad no one was hurt.
Me too.
Did you really make a pin cushion like that?
I didn't but a few of the neighbors did.

Xyra's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I have not read Felicity's stories, yet. However, that knowledge was not really necessary to enjoy this short story.

While not written as such, it seemed as if Felicity was telling me what happened on a very unusual trip. I'm sure you have heard many of these in your life usually after a friend says, "You'll never guess what happened!"

Some of the best stories are about how a new life comes into the world. That is what we have here. I do wish that Felicity had been as big a person as Mrs. Wentworth in the end, but appreciate that she acknowledged her part in the story. (Sorry, I know that is not clear. Trying not to spoil anything.)

This is a very easy and quick read. The actual story is really only 27 fact, if it were on 8 1/2" x 11 would be more of an essay than anything. The rest of the pages talk about colonial times and provide instructions for making a welcome pillow.

What is your favorite AG book series?

Have you read the short stories that accompany the historical doll book series?

Stop again soon!

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  1. We like Julie Albright's series. We have all the books, including several paper doll books, the cooking studio, the design studio, the color and craft and all of the mysteries!

    1. Nice! The only one we have read from her era is Ivy's book. We'll be reviewing that soon. We'll have to put the others on our "to read" list.