Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fashion, Beep-Beep

Still in a Bowie Frame of Mind


Maddie (Dolls On My Mind) creates these really great lyric posts that feature super photography and either a whole song or parts of a song. After yesterday, I wanted to do one based on a favorite David Bowie song. Thank you for the inspiration; we still aspire to your technique.


  • I am only using pieces of the refrain for this song.
  • My photos do not represent the true meaning of the song, but my interpretation. So if you are a purist, please forgive me.
  • Please feel free to look up the rest of the lyrics from any of the online lyrics sites. Or find a video on YouTube (I suggest the one posted by enimusic).
  • I wasn't quite sure if models follow their own left and right or that of the photographer's...today they are turning to the photographer's left and right.:-D

The Show

Fashion by David Bowie

Just in case you can't read the words in the background...
Turn to the left
Turn to the right...
Beep, beep

Listen to me; don't listen to me.
Talk to me; don't talk to me.
Dance with me; don't dance with me. No

Best wishes!


  1. cute! i love how you included the lyrics in the actual photos, very creative. :)

    and thank you for the kind words, i really do appreciate it. <3

  2. love Bowie. Fan since 7th grade... A LONG time ago! My favorite period is Low/Heroes/Lodger
    Appreciate your tribute ❤️