Thursday, January 21, 2016

Appreciate Your Dragon

International Dragon Appreciation Day

Saturday, January 16, was International Dragon Appreciation Day. We hope you had a chance to appreciate your dragons that day. Of course, if you are familiar with dragons, you probably appreciate them everyday. (giggles) Some try to pen dragons, but we know that doesn't work; they have to fly free. Ours are more like Toothless and his friends from How to Train Your Dragon, not like the ones in Harry Potter. One is named after someone in Harry Potter. Anyway, here are our dragons.

Melody and Figment

I am the eldest so my favorite is also the eldest. 
Figment is from Epcot center. He's a lot older than I am. So much fun to watch him fly around. He loves to play especially activities that make you use your imagination.

Kaya and Norbert

Our Norbert isn't a Norwegian Ridgeback or Hungarian Horntail, he's a Lava Dragon. 
I love how some of his scales shimmer like campfire flames. He's actually really nice and one of his favorite treats is marshmallows. Norbert will even help us toast marshmallows sometimes. He can get cranky; then you stay out of his way.

Haley and Pippi

Pippi is the cutest Glitzy Dragon I've ever met. 
Always flitting around humming her own tune with little puffs of smoke drifting behind her. She loves spring and summer when she can pick wild flowers.

Kirsten and Heluwen

Heluwen's scales remind me of a sunset. 
Don't let the pink or the fact that she is a Whimsy Dragon fool you she can be a spitfire.

Lanie and Becky

Our Stormy Dragon is the color of storm clouds. 
Becky is not moody; she's artsy. Loves music and using her fire and smoke to make designs. Can you see she wears a sparkly ring on her one horn?

Grace and Aithra

Aithra is an Ice Dragon. 
She is not a cold as her breed suggests, but she is the most regal. In fact, she watches over the others - with the exception of Figment - and tries to keep them out of trouble. She also knows how to have fun.

Xyra and Gliu Gosmiauga

There are accents missing in his name. Gliu is has a few umlauts sprinkled here and there. 
He is my favorite of our dragons. He's a tiny little thing, but loveable. His jewel eyes sparkle with a hint of mischief; many barely notice him until he glances in their direction.

That's our little clan of dragons. 
Do you have any dragons? Do you have a favorite dragon from a book or movie?

Best wishes!

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