Friday, January 29, 2016

Mini Pet Adventures #12

Exploration of a Lego Kind

I'm certain that everyone who has furry, four-footed family members has experience with pawsitive assistance. ;-) Caramelotta Creme and Pyewacket were helpful with an exploration scene and car.

Observing the observatory.

Caramelotta Creme hopped in for a ride; Olivia was happy to drive.

Pyewacket sniffing the little bot. CC is hoping the little bot doesn't spill Olivia's tea.

Who can picture Pyewacket's paw reaching out to touch the bot lightly and then maybe bopping it?

Best wishes!


  1. I can see Pye not just knocking it over, but then batting it under the sofa or a chair!

  2. Where did you get the cute little black cat?

    1. Pyewacket is from The Queen's Treasures. :) Here is the link.