Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Build: November 2018

Getting Back On Track

Hi, everyone! Grace here. I am very excited to be doing this reveal. I don't think it was even my turn, but when you're available, you're available. 
I bet you can guess what is behind me. And I know you haven't seen one since August. We're heartbroken we missed a total of three months of building this year. 
We did stick to our vehicle theme and incorporated this utility truck.
It's pulling a wagon holding the actual calendar part of the build. 
If you're wondering why the truck is pulling a wagon...well, one of the biggest events this month is the Thanksgiving Day parade. This is our version of the parade. The calendar is the float complete with celebrity guest.
The eagles are supposed to be turkeys. (giggles) Can you guess the celebrity?
Here is a better look.
Still need a hint? She's Queenie from Fantastic Beasts. We are so excited to see the next installment. Drawing straws to see who goes. Anyway! Rascal! What are you doing? These aren't kitty toys!
Those are our parade watchers. One brave kitty stayed to watch. (giggles) Boys, girls, and pups of all ages watch the parade.
This is it in it's spot. Kind of big this month. We'll have to do better next month to keep it more contained.
So what do you think about our latest build? 
Do you have a favorite part? Please leave a comment below.

New Outfit

Oh, yes! Lanie told me I had to show off my new outfit for you. 
I paired the shorts and hoodie with black tights, a tee shirt, and my grey boots. 
What do you think?

Other News
We've been getting a few comments lately about the blog and how we create it. So if you are thinking about becoming a blogger, here are a few items of interest.

  • We use the google platform blogger for our blog. You can also use Wordpress or design your own entirely by scratch. We are not programmers, so the last option was out. 
  • Here we speak only for blogger...blogger has many templates and tools to make designing your blog easy. We used the tools provided to build our blog here.

À bientôt!

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