Monday, November 5, 2018

Model Monday: Lanie #4 Plus

The Birthday Girl

Hi! yes, that's me! Today is my birthday and boy am I happy we celebrated yesterday! The weather today is the complete opposite of yesterday! Yesterday was a great day to show off my new birthday boots; today not so much. Today is a great day for a nice hit breakfast with hot cocoa. Would have been nice to stay home with the bunnies and a good book, but, you know, school called. (giggles) Still a very good birthday! Check out my shoot.

The Shoot

The Details

  • Blazer: AG Photographer Outfit (retired)
  • Tee: AG Star Tee Orlando (retired)
  • Skirt: Sandwich Faire vendor
  • Boots: OG Sparkle with Style (not on website)
  • Headband: Thirty-One elastic ribbon ponytail holder (retired)
  • Bracelet: Lanie's Accessories (AG retired)

The Plus

Time for a bit of a snack...yum!
So who doesn't love outlet shopping?! I just have to show you what we picked up. First two tee shirts. 
Melody will love both of these, but especially the Coconut Rainbow tee. I mean, really, it's purple AND features her favorite pup! We all liked the silver-print cat tee when it first came out, but just wasn't in the budget.
Same with the blue print-corduroy dress
Kirsten loved this and it's so soft. 
Plus the trim matches one of our sweaters. Looking forward to wearing them together if we can. Then we saw a couple of things that reminded us of Grace's City Outfit and knew our Grace should have them. 
The All-Star Sweatshirt and tweed shorts are perfect! I bet you'll get to see here wearing these later this week. Well, that's everything.

Of the shoot photos, which is your favorite? Of our shopping haul, what item is your favorite.

See you again soon!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or Our Generation. All items pictured are part of our own collection and purchased with our own money or gifted by family and friends. No purchase is suggested or required to enjoy the post. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes only.

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