Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Product Review: Barbie Clothing

Yes, 12" Fashion Review Plus

The Draculaura Show

Hello readers! 
Thank you for joining me today. I have three friends with me Skipper, Pip, and Kip.
(together) Hi!
How are you all today?
Doing great.
Yes, quite nice thank you.
Happy to be here.
Since we had snow the other day I thought it would be good to have some warmer outfits for winter. I found one that I liked which I'm wearing - it's actually for Ken. 
And one that is more summery for Barbie. 
HOWEVER, while the shirt is soft, the pants are terrible. The fabric is stiff, scratchy, and cheap. So my friends here decided to show off some Barbie fashions from history. Take it away Skipper. 
[Side note: Skipper is Mattel Barbie's sister Sun Set Malibu Skipper from 1978.]
This is my favorite peasant dress from the 70s. It is soft cotton with a tiny bit of lace, pouf sleeves, and a ribbon tie back.
Looks stunning. Is it comfortable?
Show off your jacket too.
Sure thing. This is my favorite jacket. Lined heavy cotton with a faux hood. Navy on the outside, flowers on the inside.
Beautiful. Pip. 
[Side note: Pip is Mattel Barbie's sister Sun Gold Malibu Skipper from 1984.]
Thank you. My floral dress is sleeveless so I thought adding the coat would be a good option. Both are made of soft cotton with small prints. The coat has a black velvet collar and matching belt. The buttons are faux so you need the belt to keep it closed. There is a hat too, but it doesn't fit me well.
You look lovely.
Thank you.
Kip, your turn. 
[Side note: Kip is Mattel Barbie's sister Hawaiian Fun Skipper from 1991.]
Hi! this is my favorite outfit. The jeans are cotton and comfy. The top is faux suede and very soft.
Thank you. Now this is an original Barbie outfit from the 1960s, but I can't find documentation on it. (pouts)
This is a Ken outfit from the 80s. A velvet "pullover" and cotton pants.
These shorts are from the 80s. Soft, striped cotton.
I love those! will try them in spring.
These pants are from the 60s or maybe 70s. I love the orange stripe. They don't fit me though.
However, much of our wardrobe was couture handmade by Big Grammy. 
This lovely two piece outfit is dreamy soft and flowy. I always loved Barb in it.
That is soft. I think it would go with my shoes. (giggles)
And she crocheted a lot. Bathing suits, dresses, sweaters, and these pants.
Those look awesome.
This is also a Big Grammy creation. A silky wrap skirt and flowery blouse.
I'll have to try that one! {Changing clothes}
[Back stage: Draculaura let me take this photo...Ken's pants are waayy too big!]
It's not bad, but still a bit big. And not right for these shoes
But this is perfect!
You look great! Cool. Groovy.
Here I've added the purse and sunglasses from the other Barbie outfit. 
The glasses are perfect; the purse is good, but not with this outfit. Or these shoes. (laughing)
Well, that's all we have for today. Thank you for joining us. Skipper, Pip, and Kip, thank you for sharing in this trip through fashion history.
Our pleasure.

Fashion Note: I was very disappointed when I opened the Ken outfit and felt how cheap the material was for the pants. That's why I didn't open the Barbie outfit. The shorts look even worse. The tops are not so bad and the separates I've purchased have been pretty okay, but not nearly as nice as Barbie clothes were a few decades ago. Seems to me like they put 50 cents into the product and turned it out for 100 times that (both outfits were $4.99). 

Skipper Note

  • Malibu Skipper was my first Barbie that was my own. She was/is my favorite and went everywhere with me. Her hair is not nearly as silky as it once was, but the cool thing about Barbies...they could go swimming! So this Skipper has been in the lake, pool, shower, rain, etc. She needed some mild cleaning, but feels good.
  • Sun Gold Malibu Skipper released in 1984. She caught my eye and I thought she could be friends with Malibu. Her legs were kind of sticky from being in storage - a baking soda wash seems to have helped.
  • Hawaiian Fun Skipper released in 1991.  I got her on a lark. A "friend" tried to tell me I shouldn't buy toys anymore. HA! She can turn at the waist and tilt her head. Unfortunately she has very heavy hair and, with the waist joint, has a hard time standing on her own. She did come with a stand. she just needed some dusting because she has not been in the same kind of storage as the other two.



  1. Malibu Skipper was my favorite too!!! LOL at all the places she's been too, I can totally relate.

    The new clothes are awful. I had a bunch of stuff from the late 80's/early 90's that I ended up passing on to someone when we moved, and I could kick myself because the new stuff isn't even close to as nice. And not just clothes--accessories, furniture, etc --just doesn't compare. And Mattel wonders why they are losing customers?

    1. I had a hard time finding official Barbie clothes n my stash. Two reasons 1) my grandmother was a fabulous seamstress and made or crocheted almost everything for my dolls (Barbie to Cabbage Patch), my mom made a few outfits, and I made a few (quite easy to know which those were); 2) no crazy ego tags!