Saturday, December 1, 2018

Day 1 of 24

Countdown Begins

Hey, Lanie! What's the coat for?
We're headed to Christmas market.
Cool, do you have time to help me with our new Advent calendars?
This one is from Lady Dartia. It's all cats.
Love it!
I'm having trouble finding the first door in all the details? 
Isn't that it there behind the red bow?

And this one is from Aldi.
Cool! But I really have to go! Enjoy!

So behind door number 1...
A kitty pulling a sleigh of toys! Does not look to happy.
This one is easier to find.
Of course, the first one is a mini doll. 
Lots of pieces.
She's cute!

Happy December! Do any of you have an Advent calendar to countdown the days to Christmas? If yes, what kind? Please share a comment.

Best wishes,


  1. We have a fabric one of the nativity scene with numbered pockets at the bottom so you velco on a character each day (angel, star, sheep etc). Low calorie.

    1. That's sounds like a lot of fun! Very season appropriate too. (We're going to talk about that later.)