Monday, December 16, 2019

Advent 11-16

Playing Catch Up

When you prepare for the holidays time is fleeting and we've not been able to post daily. Hoping that can change because we have more to share with you than the Advent calendars. Kaya went to Christmas Market on December 8 and Melody visited the Coffee and Tea Festival Philly on December 14. Both of those reports will be long, lovely posts.  Let's catch up with the calendars for now.

Advent 11

What's behind the door?
A fireman.
And more feast food! 
You're up, Kirsten.

Advent 12

So very cool! A locomotive.
And a great hall table with candle. You go next, Kaya.

Advent 13 - Gramma Enne's Birthday

I love this! A swan.
And Ravenclaw standard. 
Haley, your turn.

Advent 14

An ape eating a banana and Hermione!
Take it away, Kirsten.

Advent 15

What luck! (giggles) I found a four-leaf clover and a snowman.
Lanie, your turn.

Advent 16

Wow! I found Aslan, the lion, and a wizard chess set.
Take it away, Gracie!

Whew! Caught up. We hope you are enjoying our calendars as much as we are. Do you have an Advent calendar? If yes, what kind?

Best wishes,

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