Friday, December 6, 2019

Advent 2019 5 6

What's Behind

Doors Number 5

Rascal, what are you doing there?
You're going to have to move.
Let's see what is behind number 5. Five's alive.
It's a turtle!
Now how about this one?
I think I know what this is. Gryffindor colors.
This should be easy.
But I'll check the instructions anyway.
Go, go Gryffindor!

Rascal the extra piece is not for you! (giggles)
I'm calling on Lanie!

Doors Number 6

Yikes! How am i going to find door 6 on that!
Licorice! you have to get down. Oh, you found door 6! (giggles) Thank you.
It's Santa!
Lulu, no nibbling!
Let's see.
Oh! I love this, a mini figure. 
Be good Licorice or I'll move you to the floor.
The best professor, next to Dumbledore, of course. (giggles)
Professor McGonagall.
I'm calling on Kaya!

Have a great day!

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