Monday, December 23, 2019

Decorating the Barn 2019

A Final Decorating

We don't usually photo dump in our posts and we are going to try not to today, but...
If you noticed the title above, this is the last time we will be decorating the barn where Xyra works.
Her company is closing.
She's not sure where she will end up. 
Have no fear; the blog will continue. 
Please continue to visit.
We love sharing our adventures with you.

Let's Get Started

Oh, man! we have to open this first! Everyone heave!
These two trees are ready. Isn't there a third.
Hand the tree up here.
Got it?

Elves Sorting Decorations

Lea and Kirsten Testing

Trees Lit


Adding Ornaments

Looking for This?

Two Down

Let's Finish the Third

Done! Very Festive!

The Big Surprise

Check Out this Awesome Moose!

Kaya Loves this Moose

Xyra Decorated the Big Tree

Have you finished decorating for Christmas? Or decorating for Hanukkah? Do you have a favorite seasonal decoration? Please comment below!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

Merry Christmas too!


  1. Merry Christmas to Xyra and all of the children. I love your trees. My favorite ornament is a small china teapot. Taking afternoon tea is my favorite thing to do so the little teapot is a reminder of that.

    1. That's a wonderful ornament, Ms. Dorothy! Nonna gave me a small teapot ornament. It's currently in my office, but I think it will go on our home tree now.