Thursday, December 19, 2019

Christmas Market 2019

Old Timey Christmas Fun

Goschenhoppen Historians Christmas Market

The other Saturday we headed down to Green Lane, PA and the Goschenhoppen Musuem.
A sled of holly and pine waited outside the main entrance.

A white reindeer greeted visitors as the top of the stairs.
One of the first things I saw that I wanted a photo - this gorgeous stained glass version of the Antes House.
This tree reminded me of Kirsten. Her family would have decorated with simple items like popcorn.
A super unique tree. Bright white and draped in sparkling beads. Reminded me of an upscale Charlie Brown tree.
This lovely lady was keeping a watch on everything in the meeting floor level. And those our our Lincoln Logs behind her.
These trains were not running, but there was a huge Christmas train layout that was.
A tree decorated to honor a department store. Who'd have thought it? This one was a tribute to John Wanamaker's. Xyra told us all about that store. 

The famous gold eagle is the topper. 
Here's a 50s aluminum tree with the color wheel spinning. Made me think of Maryellen.
These old ornaments look cool.
Hmmm, Samantha may have decorated her tree like this. I think this features Victorian Santas.
Look here! Madame Alexander Little Women.
I even got to meet Felicity.
Headed to the top and the main museum. I really like this red and white pattern china. We missed the angle to get the tea pot, but you get the idea.
Fraktur work is so pretty. The bird is my favorite.

How interesting? I've never seen anyone put cookies on windowsills before. This one reminds me of Tatlo.
Oh, no! I should shut this door. don't want the little birds to escape.
Hmmm, you know, this tree could be for Kirsten or Sam or Nellie.
The others said I should definitely hit the General Store museum.
I'll stop for the mail first. (giggles)
Oh, the candy counter! What should I choose?
I love the tin ceiling!

What a great day! A fun time to visit! The basement was the bake sale and food court. Waaaayyyyy too many people to get any photos in there.

Do you visit any places like this around Christmas? What is your favorite cookie? I picked out springerle. you have to eat them quickly or they get really hard. Some people prefer when they are hard so they can dunk in their tea. I'm not a fan of dunking, so the fresher the better. 

See you again soon!



  1. Hello. It looks like you had big fun. I had to do a Google search because I did not know where Green Lawn is. It's near Coatesville, so not too far away.

    I usually go to the Ephrata Cloister (in Lancaster) for the Lantern Tour. Each year the Education Director there works with local high school students to put on a play. The play takes place at several of the historic buildings at the Cloister. The audience, in small groups, walks from space to space to take in the action. It is always so much fun.

    1. Hi! Good to see you again!

      Sorry, not Green Lawn, but Green Lane. Green Lane is kind of centrally located between Pottstown, Quakertown, Collegeville, and Allentown. Approximately 40 minutes to an hour east of Ephrata and Lancaster (depending on route and traffic).

      A progressive play sounds wonderful!

    2. It's still not too far, Dorothy!

      Some day I will get there!