Monday, April 19, 2021

It's Still Easter

An Easter Feast

Wow! Everything looks so good!
Buffet style.
There is no cake?
I don't like cake.
The cookies look fabulous!  Thank you, Grace!
You're welcome. There great aunt Nesley's. (giggles)
You mean Nesley Tolhause? (giggles)
That's the one! (laughing)

You have so many pets.
We love the critters. 
Look, Rascal is giving you the welcome from the furry Silverleaf family.
Just wait until you meet the rest.
The rest?  There're more?
Yes, horses, a cow, a goat, a sheep, a llama, a hermit crab...
Three rabbits and guinea pigs...
Two hamsters.
A few more dogs and cats.
And three hedghogs.
Wow! Did you say hedgehogs?
Cool. (giggles)

What did you eat for Easter?  

Have a wonderful day!  Stay safe and well.


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