Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Kirsten Heads North Part 3

Maine Part 2

Wiscasset, Waterville, & Farmington Railway

Annual Picnic, Yard Sale, & 30th Anniversary

Finally! Whew! At long last i get to continue my report.

We picked a great day to visit the Wiscasset, Waterville, & Farmington Railway; it was their annual picnic and 30th anniversary party. Free CAKE! What more could one ask?!

When we arrived we explored the area and buildings and watched the crews get the trains in position for the first run. 
This walk leads to the main platform. The yard master is in the first part of the station. It is really cool inside. The next door down, if you could see through Franz (giggles) is the gift shoppe and ticket area. Then at the very end is the sheltered waiting area.
The caboose belongs to the chase train. the first train already left. But these are shots of the first leaving. 

In between runs they use the turntable to get the engines facing the right way.

This view from the engine shop.
The restored Rangely car. It's really pretty.

Here come the train.

Funny Story!

So we had tickets for the second run. Got on and took our seats when we heard thunder. Franz remembered our windows were open a bit more than a tiny crack, so Xyra checked her watch (4 minutes to departure), grabbed her ticket, jumped off and (broke yard rules) ran to close them. Mission accomplished! However, as she turned to come back she realized the train left with Franz and I and her phone on it!

Now, Franz and Xyra are railroaders. They know the consequences. So she went back to the station to make sure they were running a chase train again this time. They were. Meanwhile, thunder rolled, rain poured down, and hail pelted the area. As she waited and chatted with other passengers the phone rang. It was the conductor. He told the ticket agent about passengers that had gotten separated and that we would be waiting at "The Center." Xyra overheard and laughed, "That's me!" She grabbed the chase train and when it reached "The Center" she told her conductor that we were going to join her on the trip back and he let us on.

The rain poured down again on the way back. When we reached the yard we got tickets for the third run and rode together in the combine car. See here is were mail and baggage is kept.

After our joint ride, we grabbed lunch and CAKE before heading further north.

Wasn't that a fun day? Which is your favorite photo? How would you have felt getting separated?

Thank you for stopping! Have a great Wednesday!

Note: While Franz is a contributnig member of the railway, Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or the Wiscassett, Waterville, and Farmington Railway. Links are provided for education and informative purposes. No purchase is required to enjoy the post. However, should you find yourself visiting Maine, we do suggest you make the railway part of your itinerary.



  1. Dear Kirsten, my goodness you certainly had an adventure! I love train rides too. I love watching the scenery and meeting new people.

    My favorite photo is where you are standing by the fence with the train behind you.

    What kind of cake did you have?

    Regards, Ms. Dorothy

    1. Yes, that's the best part of a train ride! The scenery and people. I like that photo too. The cake was a yellow cake with white icing. I'm not sure what the cake looked like before it was cut, but we made sure to get a piece with either a purple flower or balloon. (giggles)

  2. Oh my, what an adventure!