Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kirsten Heads North Part 5

Heading to Halifax Area

Hello! Yep, I'm still sharing about our August Vacation. Not too many more things to report, but I want you to get it all.

Once off the ferry we headed toward Head of St Margaret's Bay via (means by way of) Halifax. While driving we searched for things to do in the area. 
So many things to choose. We decided to head to the Citadel first.

Citadel Hill

The Citadel or Citadel Hill is a national historic site. It sits in the middle of the city and overlooks the harbor and much more!
The hill and fort on top helped defend the city and the people from invasion.
While inside you can walk the top and see the views and how easy it was to keep an eye on the harbor.

The fort also has interactive opportunities. You can sign up to be a soldier for the day. Visit with the teacher in the school room. Explore the cells, bunks, armory, and other rooms. 

Also in the Citadel is the Army Museum. Many displays from World War I and World War II.

Xyra had been messaging a Howler friend based in Dartmouth. she told us about an air show down on the waterfront, but it started while we were at the Citadel and we watched from there.

The Red Arrows were wonderful! you might have to enlarge the photos to see them.

Peggy's Cove

After the Citadel, we headed out of Halifax and down to Peggy's CoveA really pretty place. 
If you go I highly suggest you park in the large public parking area at the entrance of town and walk the rest of the way.
A neat lighthouse is furthest out on the point. 

There is a restaurant and gift shop there, but it was packed so we walked back through town and ate at Peggy's Dogs. 

Then had ice cream across the way. Xyra chose London Fog. It's Earl Grey ice cream with vanilla beans. YUMMY!

From there we headed to up to Head of St Margaret's Bay to our friends house. 

If you follow the weather, Hurricane Dorian blasted up the East Coast last week. while the mid-Atlantic states were mostly spared, Dorian's curved path hit Nova Scotia pretty hard. the eye passing over where our friends live. Our hearts go out to all affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Thank you for stopping! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Dear Kirsten, it sounds like you had quite an adventure. Did you visit with the teacher in the schoolroom? I would have liked to do that.

    I bet you liked the ice cream parlor the best.

    It's great to visit with friends when you travel. I think it makes the trip special.

    Regards, Ms. Dorothy

    PS Xyra, a friend of mine who also has a doll blog was at Peggy's Grove this Summer too! She posted some lovely photos of the lighthouse that remind me of yours. Her travel dolls are Iplehouse bjds.

    1. We didn't talk to her too long. She greeted us with "Bonjour" and I was startled by the French, even though I shouldn't have been.

      (giggles) Yes, the ice cream was best!

      Oh, those dolls are lovely! I was looking at the website and found a couple I really liked. The Unicorn for one!