Monday, June 12, 2017

Model Monday Sort Of

Tuesday Morning Find

Fun in the Sun Accessory Pack

Hi! We have a new Tuesday Morning near our house and it has a PetCo right next door. The other day I checked out both and can tell you if you are going to check out a brand new store do it before you buy 16 pounds of cat litter! 😮 🙀

I had to look at the upper shelf for their 18" doll and doll accessories. The Tuesday Morning brand is called Madame Alexander Play. There were three types of outfits all priced at $4.99. This beach set caught my eye and I was about to put it away when I turned it over. 
When did Haley model for Madame Alexander Play?!
Does it really look like me? 
What do you think?

Now I want to do a pose off! (giggles)
[Putting on swimsuit]
Ooo, this is kind of snug. The sandals are cute! Good size towel.

Did I copy the pose well?

Oh, yeah! Here's the back.


  • Suit: Metallic magenta. It is just like a human one piece, no clasps or closures; you put it on by stepping into the neck and pulling up. If you look at the second and third photo compared to the package you'll see Madame Alexander dolls apparently have different torso sizes. Haley's suit does not lay flat it gathers from the longer stretch. It was a bit of a struggle to get on her too.
  • Towel: Good length, not too thin, soft.
  • Toys: Pail with three tools and a starfish sand mold. Very well details. Plastic is kind of thin.

I like this set and it has a great price point. However, the strange fit and struggles took a few points away and I gave this set a B.

  • Cute Factor: A - Color is awesome! Has a cute bow up front and a nice ruffle. Love the beach toys and towel.
  • Fit: C+ - A bit snug. If you have a long torso you know what I mean. doesn't quite have enough length to lay flat.
  • Versatility: B - Beach only
  • Ease: C - The box says 3+, but a small person would get frustrated trying to put this n their doll. I had some issues because you have to get the hands in the arms just right.

What are your thoughts on this set?

Hope you are having a nice day.


  1. Such a cute find! :)
    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    1. Sadly, we need to update the rating from a B to a C- or D+. The tightness of the arm and leg holes caused dye to transfer from the magenta material to Haley's arms and legs. :-(