Monday, June 26, 2017

Coolspring June 2017 Day 3

Busy Morning, Fun Evening

Day three dawned slightly overcast then bright after a night of storms. Our tent kept us dry. Well, almost. It turns out, since we had to shift set up, Xyra says we weren't completely on the high ground. Franz's clothes got a little damp, but a friend let us use her dryer. 

While his clothes were drying, we moved the tend over to the normal spot. A little closer to our tenting neighbor, but Xyra says "dryness first." After that I stayed by the tent in the shade reading.

Later, Xyra and I took the jeep up to the community center to get spaghetti dinner take out! 

They were really nice people. They sold out too! Gotta get there early.

After dinner, we headed down to Sudlow Station and Franz started up the Parmaco. 
It's dark in there! I love the gas lights and the rhythm of the engine and pump.
Almost too nice. Between that and the flickering light it is very easy to fall asleep.

So after a while we headed up the hill to the Snow.

600 horsepower or hp, and I don't mean Harry Potter, in motion! See how big that is!? Wow!

That's all for day three. Glad you stopped by today. I hope you come back again tomorrow. I have a surprise for all our crafty and needle skilled friends and followers. (giggles)

Tchau! Até mais tarde!


  1. Wow looks like fun - sorry it rained!

    1. It's not Coolspring unless there is rain. :-) I bet you have a place or an event with a similar weather pattern.